Getting Started with Internet Marketing

Monday’s email about my hopes for you really struck a chord with many II readers…a couple of comments and then some QnA.

Comment: “Though I’ve been a long-time reader, I never wrote to you about my site, because I wasn’t sure it was relevant. But for about a year now I’ve been running a site called, which features free and low-cost volunteer abroad programs. It doesn’t make any money, but it does help people who want to go volunteer abroad (without paying thousands a week with the programs that dominate the search engine results).

It’s very slow coming, but our traffic increases every day. Right now I’m funding a giveaway of a bunch of Amay of a bunch of Amazon gift cards, which is generating a little buzz, too:

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help this site has given me over the last many months :)” – Nikolai

Comment: “This is the best I’ve read from you, Craig. Brought tears to my eyes.” – Denise Campbell

On Monday, I’m going to explain the inspiration for that email along with one weird thing you need to do from time to time to really jack up your motivation/inspiration.

QnA time…with the theme of “Unpopular Advice”. I don’t think anyone will be happy with my answers to their questions.

Question: When is a good time to ask an affiliate to promote your product again if they have already promoted you once?

Answer: You can only ask after you have done more for them than they have for you. Always over-deliver to your partners in return for any help they give you.

Question: Hi, I’ve been wanting to start a business similar to Vince Delmonte’s (but with different content) for years. Ive decided to start and make this business my primary source of income.

However I need help, I’m starting to write my first ebook now and will have it done by the end of march. I plan on attending Craig Ballantynes seminars when I get enough money but I need help getting started. I have no idea how to make a website and theres so much confusing material out there on making websites and internet marketing.

What book or program would you suggest is the best for getting started, specifically for not so tech savvy people. Also where can I find information on copy write laws and how to copy write intelligent property? – Chris

Answer: If you want to be like Vince, then you have a lot of work to do before you start selling things on the Internet.

Your question is similar to one I get in my fitness business. I often hear from young skinny men who want to gain muscle but don’t have any money to buy programs or proper nutrition.

My advice to them is not popular, but it’s the #truth.

What they need to do is get a job in construction. That way, they will build their muscles and earn money for a gym membership, nutrition, and a professional program.

But again, no one likes that answer. And you won’t like this one either, but here goes:

Vince Del Monte spent years becoming a great personal trainer, and learning how to sell face-to-face before he ever sold an ebook on the Internet. He earned money in the real world to pay for his online education.

That’s what you need to do. Go spend at least, AT LEAST, a couple of years training people and making money by becoming an expert…and then take the lessons you have learned and money you have made and invest in a course that will show you how to build your online business, like this one:

My Fast Start Internet Independence Guide

(Ignore the text at the top, this is a ‘backdoor’ into a special offer.)

BTW, you are on the right track with attending my seminars.

Vince was one of the first people to sign-up for my original Online Super Profits seminar back in 2007, and he showed up and shared his goals with the his goals with the world…that he accomplished within just a few short months.

Wanting to be like Vinny is a great idea, but you can only hope to achieve that if you put in the time like he did.

See you at a future seminar.

Question: Craig, I’m a Personal Trainer from Malta. We have communicated in the past with regards to Turbulence Training. I have been growing my Personal Training business over the past 3 years, and now have a full team of 9 personal trainers and a full-time Admin.

I have built a very good reputation in the country (400,000 people) and have also been running nation-wide weight-loss challenges for which I developed complete nutrition programs.

I have had over 3000 participants in these last 3 years with fantastic

I think this type of programme has a lot of potential and I’d like to further improve it to launch it internationally in the future, by building a customised website where clients can actually build their own weekly meal plans based on food preference, cooking ability and other lifestyle factors.

However, as you state in your emails, I need an “army of affiliates” to be able to sell this successfully. This is the part where I would need guidance.

So the big question is: How could your programme and connections
help me build this network?

Answer: Hi Richard, great to hear from you again. Yes, I remember your feedback from way back in 2005 or 2006. I appreciate your update.

One of the reasons I wanted to include your question is that I have an Internet Marketing friend in Malta and I hope he’ll see this and want to get in touch with you.

And I’ve written extensively on building an affiliate network.

Did you read the February issue of Financial Independence Monthly?

It explains my “Internet Moneyball” system that you will use to build affiliate relationships.

Let’s start there and I also recommend the Internet Independence Fast Start Manual. There are many sections on building affiliate partnerships.

Once you’ve done that, you can submit your product to our Financial Independence Marketplace.

Of course, if you’re not a member of FIM, just get started here.

Looking forward to hearing about your future success with this project.

Good advice is not always popular,

Craig Ballantyne

“Today is Feb. 24th. Over 10% of the year has passed already. Are you 10% towards your goals? If your goal was to lose 50lbs of fat – you should be down 5lbs right now, if you’re on track. If your goal was to increase your income by $50,000 this year – you should already have made an extra $5,000.” – Alwyn Cosgrove