How to Get Affiliates

Like it or not, getting affiliates is a huge part of 9 out of 10 information marketing businesses.

If you operate without them by choice, hats off to you.

If you operate without them by necessity (i.e. you can’t get any affiliates), let me help you with a little advice today.

Question: I’m doing everything you say but I’m still having a hard time making sales this summer. How do I get more affiliates to promote my products? – Shawn


Answer: Great question. You might be following all of Rick Porter’s and my advice, but you probably also need to be more aggressive in asking affiliates to promote your products.

Here are three simple things you can do today to start getting more affiliates into your business.

Make a list of:

a) The top 10 affiliates you want to promote you, and then figure out what you can do for each of them.

b) Make a 2nd list of the 10 affiliates most likely to promote you, then find a way to convince them to send a promotion – but make sure you have a page that will convert to sales and reward them.

c) Make a 3rd list of the 10 products that would be best for you to promote to your list, and then work together to with that product creator to do an email swap.

Now for a question I received from one my Turbulence Training affiliates…

Question: I know how to cloak affiliate links for emails, but I have over 11,000 twitter followers & 500 Facebook fans I’d like to promote TT in links. How do you keep the integrity of the affiliate link when making it a “tiny URL?” I lost many sales due to shortening links on twitter.- Kim


Answer: I recommend buying a domain name ($7.95)  and redirecting your affiliate link through that.

For example, buy:

NOTE: Remember, when promoting on social media, to be fully compliant with all the FTC rules, you are supposed to mention that it is a sponsored tweet or post.

That’s why I don’t do affiliate promos on FB or Twitter.

Question: What’s the best email company to use?


Answer: According to a big-time Internet Marketer I was speaking to the other week, offers the best deliverability.

He also said it doesn’t ‘really’ matter what company you use if your list is under 30,000 people, but once you get above 70,000, you’re going to wish you were using Aweber.

Question: If you have two lists – a prospect list and a customer list – how do you automatically move people over to the customer list – and off the prospect list – when they buy? – Brent


Answer: Okay, first, before someone can download your product, you need to have a page that gets them to opt-in again. That will put them on your customer list.

Give them a really good reason to do that – perhaps an extra bonus.

Once they’ve done that, here’s how to move them off your customer list automatically. NOTE: This is for

From my webmaster, Matt
: Here’s how to set up the auto removed when they sign up for a list.

1. Log into you aweber account and choose the list that you want the subscriber to be removed from when they sign up for another list.IMPORTANT  you have to be on the list that you want them to be removed FROM.

2. From the top menu choose:   My Lists  |   Automation

3. From the Menu that shows up select from the drop down list: “Unsubscribe from list “listname”  when subscriber subscribes to”

4. Then from the list column choose the name of the list that when they sign up to triggers them to be removed from the main list.

There are several other choices you can choose in here, but this is where you set the auto unsubscribe when they sign up for another list.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Important but boring info today,

Craig Ballantyne

“When it comes to making money online you should concern yourself with only two items. TRAFFIC and CONVERSION.” – Jimmy Sweeney

  • Sandra

    I’m no where near “getting affiliates” stage YET. However, I did secure one account to use for my herbal business. Now, I need a WordPress website.
    Question: I have been checking out and as well as your blogs on the subject and I’m confused. Rick Porter recommends using “Heatmap theme”-not available. In one of your March blogs can’t remember which one, 3 themes were recommended:
    1. Thesis or Optimizepress
    2. Profitthemes
    3. Headaway
    All not available. Are they coming from the site? Because they are not listed in the .com site. If wordpress has changed the names or discontinued them, can you or Rick Porter re-recommend some themes that are SEO friendly?
    If they are from the .org site can you recommend a Host (preferably outside US) that optimize wordpress features in a ‘friendly’ way. I am NO guru in this area and need friendly versions to help me achieve my website development. Awesome content. I look forward to your daily blogs. They keep me ‘on task’.
    Thanks, Sandy

  • Ahem.

    If I may: neither of those sites offers those themes. You have to get your own url (like mine) and then install the WordPress software on your site. THEN go buy OptimizePress or Thesis and install it as a theme on your WordPress. I’ve used them both, and for sales pages, OptimizePress is pretty damned awesome and functional and Thesis is a great blog theme (not installed on the site I’m writing from, that’s a custom designed WordPress theme, and one I’m thinking about changing since I think it’s hurting my SEO).