#1 Secret to Get a Better Job

If you think you deserve a better job, a bigger paycheck, or both then you and I are a lot alike because not long ago I was stuck in a job I hated and not making as much money as I wanted. Mondays were miserable, rush hour traffic was terrible, the 8 to 5 grind was agonizing, and the weekend couldn’t come fast enough.

To make matters worse I was a job-search chump. The few times I actually got an interview for a job I wanted, I couldn’t even get a return phone call after the office visit. Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than I did. To say I was frustrated would be a massive understatement…but I was searching for answers and determined to find them.

Everything changed when I discovered the amazing solution that transformed me from a job-search chump into a job-search champ. Today I have no problem at all attracting attention from six-figure employers.

Several years ago, I landed my six-figure dream job and I’ve never looked back. When the situation recently changed and I decided it was time to move on, I handpicked two better, higher-paying jobs and quickly had six-figure offers from both of them. Imagine having the “problem” of choosing between two six-figure jobs you actually want.

It’s not difficult when you use strategies that make you stand out from the crowd, practically grab employers by the shirt-collar, and get them excited about you. It has a lot less to do with education and experience than we’ve been led to believe and A LOT more to do with marketing.

These tactics do more than level the playing field, they give normal people like you and me an almost unfair advantage. And there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same job-search success, land yourself a better job, and cash a bigger paycheck faster than you ever imagined possible.

The smartest thing I did was forget about all the nonsense I ever heard from career counselors or read in job search books. Outdated, ineffective strategies that don’t work in today’s competitive environment are NOT the answer.

After all, we could light our houses with candles and ride around on horses but why would we when better solutions like electricity and automobiles have been invented. (Apologies to Amish people…but the strategies I’m about the reveal won’t work for Amish people anyway).

Following the herd does not make you stand out from the crowd. It’s the fast track to the circular file. The fact is that doing what everyone else does gets you the same mediocre results everyone else gets. If you want better results you need to do something bold, creative, and different.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of strategies you can use and there’s not enough room in this short article to share them all but here’s a quick and simple strategy that works like crazy. I’ve used it with great success myself and so have many others.

Think about it. If everyone else is sending a plain white envelope, then that’s the absolute last thing you want to do. Your letter will look like everyone else’s letter – certainly not the way to stand out.

Try sending a smaller invitation-sized envelope. Standard letter-sized paper fits perfectly inside this envelope when you fold it twice. Then to make your letter irresistible, write “Your Invitation Enclosed” on the outside of the envelope. And if you really want to make it stand out, use a different colored envelope like red, green, or yellow.

Now put yourself in the hiring manager’s position. He or she is probably up to their neck in plain white envelopes and falling asleep reading the boring cover letters inside them.

And in comes your red invitation-sized envelope with “Your Invitation Enclosed” handwritten on the outside. They’ll be thinking “An invitation to what?” A normal human being – even a high-level executive – cannot resist opening that letter immediately to find out what’s inside.

It’s also critically important for you to answer the question that got them to open the envelope in the first place – an invitation to what? If you fail to answer this question, the person receiving the letter is likely to feel as if you tricked them into opening the letter and there go your chances of getting the job.

I might just call it something as simple as an invitation to contact you for an interview. It works. Feel free to use your own imagination and creativity to come up with an invitation to something else. But whatever you do, you absolutely MUST make certain all the piece of the puzzle fit together and you explain the invitation or you will fail. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

At this point, you’ve already made a memorable first impression and if the message inside is as powerful as the ones I can show you how to quickly create, your phone will be ringing off the hook because hiring managers will want to know more about you. (Hint: Do NOT use the boring cover letter and resume templates you’ll find in job-search books.)

Not only that, hiring managers will be genuinely excited to see you because of the way you’ve presented yourself before you’ve even met for the first interview. You’ll transform yourself from just another applicant to an interesting person they can’t wait to meet… and this makes the whole interview process so much easier.

This is called “pre-selling” yourself and when you use these strategies and tactics, you’ll gain the almost magical ability to “pre-sell” yourself and put yourself in the “lead dog” position for the most desirable jobs before you even sit down for the first interview.

Try this strategy. I bet you’ll be AMAZED at the results. And this is just the beginning. There are several more ADVANCED strategies that could produce results even faster.

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