The Future Of Internet Independence

What a crazy week…I’ve had potential deals flying in from left and right, and working on come big new fitness programs to launch next week and the week after.

Last weekend’s seminar in Cleveland gave me incredible clarity on the “project of a lifetime” that I’m almost finished…I’ll tell you all about it soon. I hope your week was as exciting as mine.

This weekend I’m taking a break from work and heading home to my Mom’s house to celebrate her birthday. I’ve got a story about my Mom and my mindset that I’m going to share with you on Monday.

But for now, here are the top questions – and answers – from the past week.

Question from Billy C.: So what’s going to change now that you’ve discovered 85% of your readers are male?

Answer: Great question, and here’s the straight-truth.

I’m going to be more aggressive in the content I provide when it comes to selling your product.

If the results showed that it was 50-50 men and women, I’d hold back a little bit, and provide more information on relationship and community building.

But based on the gender numbers and the lofty goals that readers have, like I said, the info will be weighted more towards getting clients and building a customer list.

Now many women on this list might say, “That’s what I want too, it’s not just the guys!”

And the answer to that is, “Of course, that’s why you’re on this list.”

Dan Kennedy, a marketing expert who I study a lot, has called the women who go to his seminars, “Women with Balls”.

I “attract” the same type of women. Driven women who want to provide amazing content and value for their readers, but also who want to get paid.

So in the future, we’re really going to shift into high gear and start getting you more advanced methods for making sales and getting customers.

Hope you’re ready for it.

Question from Terri: I’m a female follower! I’m with an MLM Network. How do I get traffic to my site when its a replicated site from the company? You cant change page titles or content.  Should I create my own blog to talk about the business?

Awesome guest answer from reader Jassen Bowman: “Sorry to butt in, but I couldn’t help but respond to your comment. I highly suggest that no network marketer EVER use the company-provided or upline-provided replicated site.

“If you are serious about building your MLM organization, you need two sites:

“One for selling the product, one for recruiting. Follow all of the advice that Craig provides here, and run both sites full tilt. You’ll be much more successful on your own rather than using the company sites, for a large number of reasons

— just trust me on that one (been there, done that).

“People may not see it right off, but Craig’s blueprint for getting to $100k is perfectly applicable to network marketing.

Best wishes to you!”

CB Says – Thanks Jassen, appreciate the feedback.

Question from Erik: Who do you use for hosting for your blog? Thanks.

Answer: I currently use It’s an American based hosting company, but I’m in the process of checking out some of the off-shore options recommended by Simon Black in his interview here:


Next Week: A wicked new combination of SEO and “soft selling”
that is working like crazy for a friend of mine.

Keep pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

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