Free Traffic for Your Website Business

Back in December of 2008, one of my friends gave me the website name, as a Christmas gift.

Seriously. That’s a 6-figure gift right there.

Thanks to the keyword-rich domain name, we now have the #1 ranking for “kettlebell workouts“, and that sends us about 480 visitors per day.

So obviously a keyword rich domain is extremely important, but that’s not the #1 tip I want to give you today.

Instead, I want to talk about the site set-up.

In the past, when I didn’t really know better, I created all of my income-producing sites to be “static” pages, mostly with the salesletter as the home page.

Eventually I’d add a ton of content to internal pages, but these days, that’s not the best approach for getting search engine traffic.

Fortunately, I did right with by:

a) Setting the homepage as a blog (using wordpress)
b) Setting the sales page as an internal page

According to my SEO expert, Rick Porter, here’s why this is the best approach:

“Currently the trend with Google is that it loves pages that are constantly updating with new content. There are also some other factors in the algorithm such as how much time someone spends on the page, repeat visitors, and bounce rate.

“If you setup the main page as a blog you would certainly get ranking bonuses for people sticking around longer.  Static sales pages are getting tougher and tougher to rank.”

Plus, with a little more SEO work from Rick, he promises me that we’ll soon have an ‘indented double listing’ at the top of the page.

That means your blog link will show up first, and right under it will be the link to your sales page.

And if you add some keyword rich videos to youtube with quality backlinks going to the video, you can have one of those on the first page of the search as well.

And if you watch that kettlebell workout video, you’ll get proof that I’m a total dork.

So that’s the best way to set up your site.

a) Set the homepage as a blog (using wordpress)
b) Set the sales page as an internal page (click “Get The Workouts” to go to the sales page)

Tomorrow we’ll discuss choosing the right keywords for your site.

Oh, and I’ll be sending out a link to my website privacy interview with Simon Black later this week too.

Follow those simple steps for more traffic,

Craig Ballantyne

“Give away everything you know & it will come back to you many-fold.”

  • Thanks for the tips Craig, luckily I am following this advice as best I can at the minute, just need to really really improve my blogging

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the great article. As I recently seperated my sales page from an internal page (on my WP site), is your advice to put it back to an internal page because this will help my ranking chances?

    Thanks, Steph.

  • Hi Craig,

    I have noticed more of this style of doing WP sites and it makes sense as to search engine rankings.

    As for the video – quite the “school” outfit! And novel ways to wear a tie. About that work ethic though…

    Great info your putting out in the internet independence newsletters. I can see the point about building trust and gathering followers as you lead by example.


  • Craig,
    That video is hilarious! I love it. This is the way you should do it more in the future. Humor always loosens people up and makes them want to learn more. Great job on that.

  • Craig,

    Thanks to you man, I’m on the road to make’n my stuff happen. For sure.

    Hey, idk if you’ll get this, or your assistant (if she does, could she be super awesome and pass this along to you? 🙂 )

    I’ve got my blog alllll set up now and internal sales page. I was thinking, do you think it’d be a pretty cool idea to:

    1. Have a blog
    2. Next set up an internal sales page
    3. Buy an additional domain that redirects to that internal sales page?

    Idk, I just kind of thought that that would be super genious but I was wondering your, or RP’s, take would be on it?

    Dude, on the for real, I’m NOT EVEN IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, but when I get on my first 6 figures, I’m definitely hittin up your and Bedros Mastermind group FOR SURE.

    Talk soon CB,