New-Style Article for Free Traffic and Sales

I want to say thanks to everyone for your feedback on Monday’s article about getting through the Dips and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

That’s been one of my most popular articles yet, and I look forward to hearing more of your success stories about how you showed the non-believers that you would succeed.

Now, while yesterday’s message was doom and gloom for SEO, there are still a TON of ways to make money on the Internet.

You can do product launches (my friends are running a massive launch right now), you can become a super-affiliate, you can learn how to use Facebook Ads…

…or you can simply be remarkable.

That’s probably the easiest strategy. Seriously, let me show you why.

One of my friends has tapped into a system where he creates remarkable content that makes his readers want to share the content through social networks – such as Facebook – and he gets lots of people naturally linking to his articles.

No trickery involved, just remarkable content.

And it can work for anyone. Just the other week I wrote an article on “10 Exercises NOT to Do”. I’ve recently discovered that people LOVE being told what NOT to do more than they like being told what to do.

As a result, my article was “re-tweeted” on Twitter, had many more comments than usual (I posted it on my blog), and had more Facebook “Likes” and comments than 90% of my other Facebook posts. This remarkable content was a valuable addition to an internal product launch I did that week.

And my goals with my “$100K in 12 Months” series were the same. I wanted that content to be so remarkable that people would share it on Facebook, by email, etc. And it’s been working too.

But back to my friend’s system. I’ve taken some screenshots of his site to prove to you how powerful his system is. You’ll see his article has over 37,000 (!) Facebook shares and “Likes” (click on the image below to go to the site).

That’s insane. Think of how many people he is reaching through social networks by using this content creation system.

Here are the 3 simple steps that he uses to turn remarkable content into sales.

Step #1 – Create remarkable content on a controversial topic

Every battle is won before it is ever fought.”

As you’ll see, what this means is that you must take time to plan out your remarkable content strategy.

It is the choosing of the topic – preferably something controversial in your field and something contrary to popular opinion – that creates content worth sharing.

If you can write an article that leaves the reader with a message they want to hear, while proving the so-called mainstream media wrong, you’ll have a hit. Your readers will be more likely to share unique content that they cannot find anywhere else.

So don’t rush your content. Take your time. Brainstorm. Plan it out. And then write your article.

Step #2 – Powerful headline

You must lead a powerful article with a powerful headline. Remember that the job of the headline is to get the reader to continue reading…create curiosity, promise a big idea, or make a prediction so bold that the reader must continue.

Step #3 – Optimize the content for sharing

Post your remarkable content on your blog or website, and add the “FB Like” button for social proof and so that your readers can share the content.

(You can find the “FB Like” code for free online. Just do an online search.)

Encourage your readers (i.e. your email list) to go to your site/blog to read the article. And remind them to click on the Like button and share your content with their friends who are also interested in this topic.

Also, make it easy for others to mention it. If you have an affiliate program, create an affiliate link for that controversial article. Also, post a link to this content on your Facebook and Twitter status updates.

Make sure everyone knows about it, and everyone knows what to do (share it, like it, etc.) when they visit your page.


At the bottom of the article, insert a link to your sales page or sales video. This is a soft-sell technique that makes it much easier for your friends and affiliates to link back to your website.

Instead of having them link directly to a sales page, you’re simply giving them great content to share with their friends and readers…

…and if people want to continue on to the sales portion of your site, they can do so by clicking the links at the end of the article.

Create remarkable content for remarkable results,

Craig Ballantyne

“The more you try and avoid offending and repealing and annoying people and being criticized by them, the less influence you have over the ones you’ve got.” – Dan Kennedy