Free Content at Your Fingertips

Looking for material that you can use for your e-books and other information products? There are countless resources for finding content that’s in the public domain. By that, I mean content that was never copyrighted… or that was copyrighted but the copyright expired. You can repackage and republish that stuff to your heart’s content, without the author’s permission. And you don’t have to pay him or her a cent.

Do a quick Google search for “books public domain,” and you’ll find tons of possibilities. But as veteran copywriter and marketing expert Bob Bly points out, there is an “analog” method for finding public domain works too. And this one can be even better, because it allows you to thumb through the material to make sure it suits your needs.

Bob’s recommendation is to check out used bookstores for old books in your niche. Books published prior to 1963 that have not had their copyrights renewed are fair game, and you are free to do with them as you wish. (Check the U.S. Copyright Office records first – – to be sure.)

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