Frank Kern and Vegas Masterminding

Ooops, correction from yesterday.

I just found out that Vegas DOES like me, because I help bring together over 31 website business owners to their city a few times per year.

And rumor has it a few of them had a wild time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, so good news…Vegas has invited me back.

After all, our dinner tab on Friday night alone was $3667 (but that was for about 35 people).

Now back to a few more lessons from Sin City…that anyone, even my mother, would apply to their website business.

Nothing sinful about any of these…

Tip #6 – Outsource/Delegate

This was the biggest mistake among our elite performers.

Everyone was trying to do everything themselves, but it was driving them nuts and eating into their family time.

As Bedros, my co-coach in this Mastermind said, “I haven’t been to a grocery store in years. It’s not in my 5%.”

And I’m the same way. Both Bedros and I pay others to do the
$10 an hour tasks.

While that might be a bit of a stretch for you right now, you need to delegate customer service, errands, website updates, etc.

You should ONLY be doing the things that make you money.

Go back to this article and use the 5% solution from Bedros:


Tip #7 – Do good things for others

One of our guest speakers, Frank Kern, spent 45 minutes on Friday afternoon essentially going over, “how to be cool” and completely overwhelm your readers by giving and doing good things for them.

It’s so easy to succeed when your readers look at you as a “giver”, as someone looking out for their best interests.

Take a look at what you can give to your readers right now. Is there something that will help set you apart from your competitors?

As Frank also said, “When everyone (in your industry) is going one way, you should be going the other way so that you can stand out.”

Tip #8 – Strategery

As I hope you’ve realized by now, I’m a big believer that you’ll get more results if take a block of time and plan out your next 90 days.

Pencil in your promotions, set deadlines, create action steps, and contact lists.

Don’t just have vague goals, such as “wanting to make some money with a website business”.

You need to be much more specific. For example: “I want to make $1000 per week by selling 50 copies of my $19.95 program, and get 50 people to sign up for my email list each day. I’ll achieve this by writing 3 blog posts and filming 3 youtube videos each week, plus by contacting 1 new affiliate each day, and I’ll write 2 content-rich emails each week to all of my subscribers.”

I could go on, of course, because I can write forever, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Tip #9 – Play “UP” another level

If you make 10 sales a month, find someone who makes 100 sales per month and spend time with them. Hire them as a coach. Get them to join an informal mastermind with you and maybe even someone who does 1000 sales per month.

Whatever you do, you MUST associate with people who have bigger and brighter businesses than your own, so that you’ll elevate your game.

This happens so often in sports that it’s not just a cliche.

It’s a proven fact – you’ll never soar like an eagle if all you do is hang around turkeys.

Tip #10 – Be yourself…

…because eventually people are going to find out who you are anyways.

Be proud of what makes you different. Embrace it. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

If you need help with that one, go back and read this article about my weaknesses and how I’ve used my laziness and addiction to build a better business:


So there you go. Almost as good as being there. Almost.

I’ll be back Vegas, I’ll be back,

Craig Ballantyne

“If you cannot convince yourself that you are ‘good enough’ to be rich, you will never get rich. If you cannot face up to your fear of failure you will never be rich.” – Felix Dennis, author of “How to Get Rich”