Fat Loss: A Calorie Is NOT a Calorie

While losing weight isn’t the easiest task for some, the equation is pretty simple: To drop pounds, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Now what if I told you that certain foods come with their own built-in fat-burning mechanism? Well, it’s true. These foods are thermogenic – meaning they produce heat and burn calories. Diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) is the latest promising trend in weight loss.

A recent study published in Metabolism evaluated the effects of a fat-rich meal and a protein-rich meal on lean and obese women. The meals contained the same number of calories and had the same volume.

The researchers found that diet-induced thermogenesis was significantly higher in all the women, by almost threefold, after the consumption of the protein-rich meal in comparison with the fat-rich meal.

Get more fat-burning power in your diet by eating lean protein at every meal. And be sure to choose protein-rich snacks like organic mozzarella cheese sticks, almonds, and boiled eggs to rev up your metabolism and stave off hunger.
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Kelley Herring

Kelley Herring is the Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet – a multimedia company that educates on how foods promote health and protect against disease. As a young adult, Kelley battled a debilitating health condition that went misdiagnosed by multiple doctors for more than a year. Finding no help from “modern medicine”, she turned to her own knowledge of biochemistry and her passion for health research. She soon learned that her symptoms were related to nutrition and within weeks, she charted a course back to health with nothing more than simple lifestyle changes and the power of the plate. The lessons she learned spawned the creation of Healing Gourmet. Kelley is a firm believer in vigorous exercise, moderate sun exposure and delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals. She is also the creator of Healing Gourmet’s Personalized Nutrition Software and Editor-in-Chief of the Healing Gourmet book series published by McGraw-Hill including Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility.