3 Step Email Marketing for this ONE Thing

When I was seventeen (sing it), I played on an elite soccer team that traveled two hours each week to play (that is, to get whipped by) a team from the big city of Toronto.

One day, my coach said to me, “When you have the ball, your job is simply to get it to another person on our team. That’s it.”

Pretty much everyone on our team had that same job…to pass it to someone else on our team, until it finally made its way to Ralph or Desi, the two guys on our team who scored the most goals.

That lesson stuck with me…because it also applies to email marketing.

Everything in your email marketing has a little job to do in order to move everything ahead until you finally get this ONE thing.

And that lesson, from a guy who was, no joke, named, “Les Payne”, helped me create this little 3-step email marketing system for you.

In fact, I used this system in this email that resulted in a 60% click-through rate

Here are the 3 steps to follow:

Step #1 – Get the email OPENED

For that, you need a good headline. The subject I used was, “#1 Diet for Rapid Fat Loss”. This gave me an above-average open rate.

Although two days later I crushed that with a headline that said, “14-Day Fat Loss Guide (print this out)”. Note that people like to be told what to do.

Step #2 – Keep the email short

The goal of this email was to get the CLICK. I didn’t want to bury the link at the bottom of the email.

I dropped some science at the start for credibility, a stat to back it up, and then curiosity leading to the link to learn more.

NOTE: Don’t trick anyone. Don’t promise a unicorn and then deliver a donkey. If you do that, they won’t be back.

As top marketer Paul Reddick once told me about his formula for success, “Make a promise and then keep a promise.”

It’s simple. That’s a golden rule right there.

Step #3 – Get the link CLICKED

That’s the ONE thing you want more than anything else from your email.

You want that CLICK.

Because if they don’t click, they don’t get to the sales page. If they don’t get to the sales page, they don’t read the incredible offer. If they don’t read the offer, they don’t decide to buy.

You get it?

Each of these items in an email, from the subject line to the text to the link all have a job:

To get the reader to keep moving ahead.

Each of these steps is like a breadcrumb on the path to the sale. If one is missing, they lose the trail, and you don’t get your sale.

Email marketing is a very, very simple process. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be.

Craig Ballantyne

“To maximize profits, replicate yourself.” – Kekich Credo #19. When you can do this, it will change your business and life forever.

You do this through proper EMAIL marketing and by having others sell for you (as affiliates, franchisees, people certified in your system, etc.).