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I’m back today with an awesome QnA from Las Vegas. I just love this city…

so much cheesy fun to be had. But that’s another post for another time. Onward…

Question: Hey Craig, what email system do you use? – Pete

Answer: Hey Pete -I use

I know guys that use and, and all three are fairly equal.

While I’m on the topic of technology, I may as well cover shopping carts too. I sell most of my products (60%) through, and the rest through

Both have their pro’s and con’s, but Clickbank is the cheapest and simplest way to get started selling digital products online.  Well, wait, I guess simply taking paypal payments is cheaper and easier, but harder to systematize.

More about that another time.

Question: I’m thinking seriously about an internet business. I guess what I need to do is to check my idea against key words… but what I really need to do is to ask you for guidance.

Would you give me a hand?  – Wanek

Answer: Hi Wanek, thanks for your email. I’m sorry, I don’t do personal coaching, but there are some great articles on the blog about keyword research, such as this one:


Read everything you can about niche markets, product creation, and traffic. My site helps build a simple system for getting started.

Question: Why don’t you do phone coaching? –

“Common question”

Answer: To be frank, I’ve had a very disappointing experience with phone coaching. It’s almost as though phone coaching clients are confusing activity with accomplishment.

It seems signing up for phone coaching was enough for them, and there was no need to take action on the advice I provided. As a result…everyone gets frustrated at the slow progress, both, me and the client.

The REAL action takers join my mastermind, or even create their own mastermind and accountability partners in person or online.

You can form your own little mastermind/accountability groups through forums or with people you meet at seminars.  That’s a great place to start if you don’t have the money to invest in a higher level in-person coaching group.

Whatever you choose. You need someone who will hold a flame to your butt so that you do all you say you will do.

That’s the secret ingredient in all coaching programs.

Question: I just read your article on product creation. This is an awesome, awesome post.

Very powerful stuff here.

Often times, we overlook or undervalue content that we’ve already created in the past. Sometimes being an “expert” means we don’t realize how skilled we are, and we take our knowledge for granted — something we must be very careful about! Geoff

Answer: Thanks Geoff. Greatly appreciated, and the post that he is talking about is here:


A great refresher for folks that are struggling to put the final touches on their product and get their idea to market.

Don’t let anything hold you back.


If you know of anyone who would benefit from our little emails here at

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Think BIG,

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  • Hey Craig, Thanks for the response to my comment on product creation! Very cool! Just a quick question on MasterMind groups; specifically yours. How does one join? Is there an official sign-up process, or is this more of a loose group of people who get together on a regular basis? Thanks. Keep up the killer work. You should see the pages and pages of notes I’ve made from your awesome site…and the immense amount of action I’m already taking to push things into motion. Cheers ~Geoff

  • PS: As per your recommendation, I watched The Shawshank Redemption yesterday ( I’d never seen it before. There were some really powerful themes in there, like hope, integrity, and a person’s sense of purpose. I could tell you were the kind of person who thinks deeply about things when you related Andy’s slow and steady escape to your own. I feel the same, except I’m still chipping away, slowly and steadily. The other interesting theme that I noted was that inside the prison walls, Andy’s inmates had a sense of purpose and identity. Once outside, they felt useless, directionless, and without a sense of purpose or identity. This, for me, seemed a perfect metaphor for what Tim Ferris calls Deferrers, those who work in the prison-like confines of a normal job, in hopes of one day retiring and being free to do as they please. Although they dislike their job, it gives them purpose and identity. And once they finally cross that finish line and are free, they find themselves empty…with nothing to do and a loss of identity and usefullness. Just like Brooks. I’ve seen this first hand with family members who have retired. They’re back to work within 12 months. Why? For what? Simply because it’s what they know. It’s comfortable and it gives them back their identity (just as both Brooks and Red consdiered reoffending so they could return to Shawshank). They simply didn’t stop and ask themselves what they really wanted in life. Andy knew early on that he was getting out, because he knew what he wanted. He had a long-term plan and stuck to it, chipping away at it day after day and never losing hope. Personally, I’ve been chipping away since I was about 17. I’ve been at it for over 10 years, and if it takes another 10, fine. Because I have my own vision for the future…of a “hotel on the beach in Mexico,” and I simply won’t stop tunnelling until I get there.

    In any regard, thanks for the great recommendation, Craig. I’ll return the favour…it isn’t quite as theme-heavy as Shawshank, but nevertheless it’s very good. Do you like kung-fu movies? Be sure to check out Ip Man and Ip Man 2. It’s not all non-stop action, there’s actually quite a bit of drama in there too. Enjoy! ~Geoff

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the recommendation and powerful summary/review Geoff,


  • Dan

    Hey Craig, just wanted to ask a quick question. I want to make a magic product teaching card tricks, basically. The problem is the tricks I learned are from other online products. I can definitely make the product but I don’t have “original” tricks. What should I do? I don’t want to get in trouble for “copying”. (Tricks are usually made by many already made sleights + presentation but even guys like David Blaine do tricks made by others, so I don’t know If I’m free to use those tricks, I don’t want to copy content)

    • Anonymous

      That’s not something I would do. Sorry, Dan.