Does Watching Less TV Make You Richer?

Michael Masterson has been telling you for years to give up the boob tube. And now it seems that there’s a direct link between the number of hours of TV you watch… and how much money you make.

The average American watches almost 32 hours of TV each week. (That’s according to a Nielsen Company report from July 2008.) But the super-rich in the U.S. – those men and women who make $250,000 or more per year – watch only 17.8 hours. (That’s according to the 2008 Affluent Survey by Ipsos Mendelsohn.)

Now watching less TV may not directly make you richer… But if you cut back on just one hour of TV a day… and spend that hour brainstorming product ideas… or fine-tuning your pay-per-click ads… or learning how to optimize your website… or searching for a better job… or coming up with ideas to help improve your company’s bottom line…

You could be on your way to a quarter-million-dollar income, too.