Do You Have a Killer Support System?

Susan was tired of being a professional speaker. She’d often spend 200 days a year on the road, away from her family. And she knew it was time to build a business that wouldn’t be completely dependent on her.

But how? She needed a killer support system to help her figure out what she could do and then help her do it.

A killer support system has three components: a mentor, a coach, and a community.

Your mentor helps you strategize, distill your business to its essence, and focus only on the activities that are crucial to move the business forward. Your coach holds you accountable for sticking to your goals and commitments, while helping you get rid of any internal roadblocks/blind spots to success. Your community – a fun group of like-minded entrepreneurs – celebrates your achievements, picks you up when you’re down, and shares tips and techniques.

After putting together her killer support system, Susan has expanded her business to include products sales, webinars, and phone-based consulting. This allows her to serve her customer base… without constantly traveling. Meanwhile, she is watching her revenues soar and her enthusiasm skyrocket.

Every successful entrepreneur has a mentor, coach, and community – a killer support system. Do you?

[Ed. Note: Business Accelerator Christine Comaford is CEO of Mighty Ventures, a startup and CEO mentoring company. She has helped more than 150 entrepreneurs become millionaires with her proven strategies and killer connections. Get her free business-boosting tools at and join her Facebook group at

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