Do You Have a Cell Phone? How About a Laptop?

Followers of Christian Hill’s “World’s Least Expensive Investment Portfolio” who took advantage of his recommendation last May are sitting on a nice 80% gain. And the fun is not over – there is still money to be made with this stock. (I’ll get to that in a moment.)

You probably have one of this company’s products and don’t even know it. Got an iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone? How about a laptop or webcam? If so, you’re on the list.

With the increasing popularity of its products, Christian tells me the company blew out expectations when it reported earnings last week:


  • Net income was $44.7 million compared to $5 million a year ago (a 794% increase!).

  • Total revenue was $265.7 million versus $156.9 million a year ago (a 69% increase).

  • Analysts were expecting the company to earn $0.58 per share. But it crushed that, earning $0.84 per share.

The company’s stock jumped nearly 32% on the news.

That was music to the ears for readers following Christian Hill’s World’s Least Expensive Portfolio. See, last May he told his readers about this small technology company.

He recommended the company to his readers when it was trading near $17 a share.

With the good news last week the share price was up over $30. So his “early birds” are sitting on a gain of 80%.

But Christian tells me that more exciting are the potential gains to come. Several analysts predict that the stock could rise another 50%.

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Jason Holland

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