Defeat Depression Now

A few months ago I talked about my battle with depression and how it affects me. We had a lot of feedback to that article and I promised to keep you updated.

The January issue of the in-depth health advisory newsletter Natural Health Dossier – about to be released next week – reveals an all-natural and completely safe alternative to anti-depressant drugs. It also includes thoroughly-researched information on where to get it… and how much you need.

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In the meantime, read on below for an exclusive excerpt from this month’s issue on depression…

Eliminate Depression with “Brain Food”

Winston Churchill called it his “black dog.” Abraham Lincoln said it made him “the most miserable man living.” They were both talking about depression. And depression can ravage anyone regardless of age, race, or financial status.

Depression can destroy your relationships, your job, your sex life, and your health. It plagues over 200 million Americans every day. And it can strike anybody… in any walk of life. Actor Jim Carrey, musician Billy Joel, and football great Terry Bradshaw have all battled depression.

The first medical response to this disorder is to prescribe antidepressants: in 2005 alone, US doctors wrote 189 million prescrip­tions for antidepressants.

But recent research suggests that drugs are the worst thing you can do to battle depression. In fact, dozens of studies show that anti-depression drugs do no more good than a placebo. And they can be as dangerous and addictive as cocaine.

But there is something you can do to battle depression without dangerous drugs. It comes from Dr. Andrew Stoll, who is doing groundbreaking research in the field of psychiatry and mood disorders. He’s a Harvard-trained doctor who has spent his career helping people battle depression. He’s written 50 respected peer-reviewed articles on the subject. He’s also won the prestigious Klerman Research Award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression for his groundbreaking new therapy.

After working closely with patients suffering from various forms of depression, Dr. Stoll was unhappy with the side effects of the medications he was prescribing to stabilize his patients’ moods. He began to look for a better treatment.

What he found was a natural substance that not only had healing power, but the potential to keep depression from developing in the first place.

When he first made his discovery, he couldn’t believe it. In fact, he says he and his colleagues reacted with “surprise and disbelief.”

But Dr. Stoll has tried and tested his research with patients and clinical tests. And other researchers have confirmed just how effective this natural substance is in combatting depression. And they say that it’s the future for treating depression…

You can learn all about this completely safe, all-natural treatment for depression in the January issue of Natural Health Dossier. To make sure you get it as soon as it’s released, subscribe to Natural Health Dossier right now.