Immunity To Criticism (laugh & learn)

I’m traveling to Panama today (over 7 hours of flying plus a 3 hour layover), so I only have time for a quick lesson. But you should also get a laugh from this…

Now as I’ve mentioned before, you need to have “immunity to criticism”, especially as you get more successful.

Every so often an anonymous person will post something nasty about you on your blog, or send you a mean spirited email.

You can’t let it bother you.

In fact, you need to turn those sour grapes into a 2007 Chappellet Signature Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

For example, I’ve received my share of anonymous insults on my blog since 2003, and instead of getting upset about it, I’m going to share three of my favorites to make you laugh.

#3 – “You shouldn’t be as famous as you are.”

Someone (surprisingly “anonymous”) wrote this on my blog a couple of years ago.

Perhaps a jealous trainer? Who knows. Doesn’t matter.

But you know why I’m as famous as I am?

The answer isn’t any magic secret or genetic gift…

It’s simply because I do a LOT of work, produce a lot of products, write a ton of articles, and I work extremely hard to bring a unique and remarkable perspective to my content.

That’s my secret of success, and maybe why I deserve to be as famous as I am.

If that trainer was simply willing to work as hard as me, they could be famous too.

#2 – “You and your dog are pathetic.”

Oooooooh, now that’s a low blow, huh? Calling me pathetic, that’s fine, but dragging my dog into it? Uncalled for!

That’s what you can expect from the world’s finest “anonymous” blog readers. So be prepared.

Oh, and it gets worse/funnier!

#1 Insult Given to Me on my Blog is…

“You’re a skinny balding runt.”

Ha! Classic.

(Side note…that was written back in 2007, and I must say, my hair has held up pretty well…or I’ve at least gotten better at hiding my receding hair line…oh, and thanks to my metabolism and workouts, I still get to eat pretty much whatever I want…so score one for
the skinny balding runt!)

Again, this classy comment comes from “anonymous”.

Who knows, maybe it was the same person all three times?

But listen, don’t cry for me (and don’t be secretly laughing too hard either – I can hear you!). But seriously, I’m not hurting over here.

However, these insults raise an extremely important point.

One day, your sheltered little life is going to be turned upside down by someone on the internet who has never met you, nor knows any thing about you, and they are going to insult you.

How you respond to these insults is likely a good indicator of your potential for success.

If you get upset and fire back with an insult of your own, then I’m worried you’re going to struggle.

But if you accept the insult for what it is – an ignorant comment from someone who would probably be nice to you if they actually met you in person, then you’ll do just fine because you realize you have better things to do than get in arguments on the interwebz.

When it comes to time spent on your business (including in customer service and on your blog), always remember this question from the legendary Dan Kennedy:

“Where’s the profit in this?”

Trust me, there’s no profit in arguing with someone online.

So when this happens, close your laptop and go outside for a walk.

You’ll realize that no one in the “real world” hates you or would think to insult you in public…

…so then you can go back home and get to work on what’s important.

Or if you have a “pathetic” lil’ doggy like I do, just go feed him some treats and think about what really matters (Hint: What a stranger says about you online is NOT what matters).

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I write things as much for me as I do for you, and I’m pretty sure today is one of those times.

Keep pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

“Your reputation is harmed the most by what you say to defend it.”
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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  • Craig!

    I REALLY enjoyed this post 🙂

    It seems like every day now, I’m deleting emails or comments from people who have never really tried my advice (articles) or products, or anything and they’re pulling the “anonymous” name calling, etc card.

    Most of the time I just ignore it, but sometimes it gets to me.

    I just think it’s funny how everyone’s IQ drops about 100 points as soon as they log on the internet … and … drops another 300 points on youtube (those are the worse comments, everyone and their brother is an expert).


    Have fun in Panama!

    Be sure to tell us about the seminar!


  • Yonatan

    Hi Craig,

    Awesome article. I remember a time when these insults would leave me feeling bad for hours. You learn to bursh them off knowing that you can never please everyone.

    Personal note: Being totally bald, I wish I had Craig’s hair (-:

  • Hey Craig,

    Another awesome post!

    Somebody once made fun of my legs in video I did about “calves”. They said my legs looked like girl’s legs because they were trimmed(go ahead and laugh if you want about the leg shaving thing!)

    Here was my reply:
    My shaved legs are a great conversation starter… you wouldn’t believe how many girls I pick up who simply comment on smooth they are and ask for tips LOL. You’re not the first person to make fun of me for it by the way, friends do it all the time… I don’t mind

    Here’s the video, you should check out the replies lol!:

    I really appreciate this blog and what you are doing. Thank you.

  • ericwt


    Loved the post. I week or so ago I let a few people get under my skin on SMC. It really bothered me and then a friend emailed me and put me back on track.

    His words, “Dude, you are a multimillionaire, what do you care what some stranger says on an Internet forum?”

    Now, I see how silly I was to let words on a screen bother me.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Its amazing how you can instantly feel exponentially better by closing the laptop and disconnecting from the internet.


  • Thanks for this post! I can totally relate! And tell your doggy, “Go, tiger! Get those badguys!”…”Woof! Woof!”…:D

  • Yo Craig,

    Haven’t read the blog in awhile. Got busy quitting my day job to run an seo company from home. Ha! Taking blows at Bally!! Uncalled for! 🙂

    On a side note… I have been a reader of your fitness blog for a number of years now. I could never really figure out how you made this whole blogging thing work until you launched Internet Independence. When I read the 100k post a switch flipped in me. I went from spending hours and hours researching fitness to researching Internet marketing. 1.5 years later I have quit my day job, moved across the country, and run an seo/publishing company with my wife. We are still on the daily grind but we are making it happen.

    Thanks again for everything. Tell Bally thanks too!!!!