Could This Be The Worst Ad Ever?

Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of good friends at the local running store here in Delray Beach. It’s where I buy my Brooks Beast running shoes… I enjoy the training runs and races they sponsor… and I get tons of good advice from them practically every week.

But brother, was I disappointed when I got this e-mail from them last Saturday. Here’s how it read, more or less:

“Special Sunday Event – Several running experts speaking on various topics – $15.”


No specifics. No proof. All summary and generalization.

It’s a weak, weak, weak recipe for disastrous copy. Suppose, instead, their e-mail had looked more like this…

Coming This Sunday, Power Up Your Running to the Next Level!

  • Four-Time Miami Marathon Finalist John Smith explains how to cut 15 minutes off your fall marathon time…
  • Palm Beach Orthopedics Institute director Mary Jones gives you the 4 secrets to avoiding training injuries and getting in the best shape of your life in the next 6 weeks…
  • Nike Shoes Director of Advanced Technology Jim Jackson previews their breakthrough new X-743 running shoe (on sale 25% off Sunday only).

Specifics… Proof… Details… Facts, figures, names, and places… Oh yes, and that little matter of Benefits!

Now that, I might pay $15 for!

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