Copywriting Is Colorblind

I’ve gotten dozens of letters from aspiring copywriters wanting to know if it’s harder for African-Americans, women, or other minorities to break into the copywriting biz.

I can tell you for a fact, I’ve never had an experience where I didn’t get the assignment because of my race or sex. But… I have had the reverse happen: being chosen for a project because I am a minority.

In my humble opinion, choosing to hire or not select a copywriter based on those standards is just plain ole stupid. Here’s why…

You know the magazine Essence? It’s the epitome of today’s Black Woman. Guess who had the control for that promo for decades? If you said a 50+-year-old white guy named Bill Hebden – you’d be right!

What about one of the most successful promos for Health Wisdom for Women – a health newsletter for menopausal women? Would you ever in your right mind think that Clayton Makepeace could be so in tune with his feminine side?

Or what about another successful promotion that helps men over 50 “get busy” in bed? Would you guess it was yours truly?

In fact, most of the health copy I write is targeted at 50-something white guys. Last time I looked, I was neither! But you know what? I may not be the market – but I sure as heck know the market!

And that’s what you need for a successful promotional package: a copywriter who understands the market and can pull the heart and purse strings of your prospects to rake in the sales.

So whether white, black, red, blue, or anything in between – a smart marketer doesn’t care. He just needs to hire a writer who can get the job done!

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