Cooking Made Easy (3-Step Formulas!)

Cooking can be intimidating, but these simple 3-step formulas are the ultimate example of cooking made easy! These formulas are great for dips, salsa, and salad dressing!

Healthy dips are delicious, great as a snack, and they help you shed pounds in the process.

You need 3 elements to make a dip:

  1. A body
    This is the bulk of your dip. It could be a healthy dairy like plain Greek yogurt, or a fiber-packed legume (beans, chickpea), blended into a paste into a food processor.Start with something you like.
  2. A textural aromatic
    One, or many more. Start simple and add it to your dip’s body by simply stirring it into it.
  3. A salt/spice mixture
    Then you want to add some salt to bring up the flavors, and also something spicy (even if it’s just ground pepper) to give it a tiny kick. That’s where you need to taste your food and balance the saltiness, spiciness, acidity, and overall flavor.

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Salsa starts with a “body.” That’s the main ingredient. It’s your “tomato” salsa. Or your “mango” salsa. Or your “corn and black bean” salsa. Then you need some “textural aromatics.” These should complement the body of your salsa — for instance, diced onions, cucumber, scallions, or chopped herbs. Finally, you need to salt that thing and give it a kick. It can be mild if you want to, but make sure it’s not plain and flat. A bit of cayenne pepper or chili oil goes a long way.

It’s important to remember that you can make your very own salsa easily. You don’t need a recipe. You just need to remember the formula. Learn more! 

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Lastly, homemade salad dressing is easy. In fact, it takes 3 minutes to make, costs almost nothing, and helps you lose weight.

To make a delicious salad dressing, you don’t need a recipe (although you can find one as a bonus here). The only thing you need is to remember the following formula: 1 PART VINEGAR (or something acidic) FOR 3 PARTS OIL (any oil you like), then add whatever herbs and seasoning you want. It’s that easy.

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