Action Taker Wins Transformation Contest

Six weeks ago, when I announced the Internet Independence Transformation Contest, I also wrote:

“Oh, and you want to know the dirty little secret about transformation contests? A lot of people start, but only a few finish.

So if you’re an action taker who sees things through to the very end, you already have a great chance of winning. Who knows, out of the 5823 people that read this email newsletter, we might only have 2 entries.”

Sure enough, I received…wait for it…

Two entries.

Fortunately, they were both fantastic.

And so today I present to you our first winner, Walter Callahan.
Here’s his winning essay entry

“Craig, first off, thanks for all the great content and for setting up the challenge / contest. I must admit that I regret not taking this contest as seriously as I could have sooner.

However, I have learned much in what I have accomplished thus far.

I suppose that I should preface by mentioning that I am basically an internet marketing beginner.

In recent years, I realized reasonable success investing my hard earned savings in various assets and publicly traded companies.

These investments, plus my nest egg allowed me to quit my job last fall and pursue other hobbies and interests.

So, back to the internet business. I have been learning about internet marketing for a couple of years and finally pulled the trigger to combine that with my investment knowledge.

I started a blog, that offers quality information to those who are looking to invest in gold and silver and the companies that mine it, and I have affiliate links in my blog posts to my vendor’s investment information products.

I now have a list of subscribers. On May 23, I posted my first video on YouTube as well as installed Google Analytics (it takes 90 seconds to do with Thesis Theme, that is).

With three videos up, I have a total of ~250 views that came from natural YouTube/Google search.

Of those 250 views, there were ~35 clicks on the link under the YouTube video which directed the viewer to my site.

Three have opted in to my free investment updates mailing list and that is through the only web form on my site.

I have only just set up my Twitter account and have yet to create any more social media accounts – this is where many of your Rick Porter tips will come in handy.

I also will be creating sales videos for my vendor’s products as well as contacting other vendors. Once these steps are mostly out of the way, and should they prove profitable enough, I will then go to work on my own product (which I have a ton of ideas for).

So what have I learned?

Basically, I now have first-hand proof that the whole process works.

Even though I haven’t made a dime yet, I do realize that it’s just a question of scale and fine tuning (and time of course) that will make this a profitable venture.

The biggest hurdles so far have pretty much been the whole drill-sergeant-disciple tactics you preach on a regular basis.

I had followed these in various points along my working-for-someone-else career but some of that went out the window once I “retired”, for lack of a better phrase.

Why did I retire?

Well, Tim Ferriss said it best. I read the 4 Hour Workweek  a couple of years ago and the biggest take-away for me was this (and I paraphrase): “People always tell you to do what makes you happy.

Well I could drink a bottle of wine and be happy. But what really, really excites you? Do that.”

That was a remarkably foreign, yet, welcome concept to me at the time. I always wanted to work for myself doing something that I liked but hadn’t yet found something exciting enough.

At the time I had a college education, a good job, a car, truck, house in the burbs, but no real excitement. So, I finally said to hell with it and got rid of all the above (still some minor items to liquidate, except the college education and pursued what excited me.

So far, so good. Great, actually. I focused on doing the things that were a blast when I was a kid like playing guitar, writing poems & songs (yes, really), snowmobiling, shooting, etc. and repatriated some of that excitement.

But, this is where the lazy routine came in – don’t get me wrong – I had to keep on top of my investments and such, but I still had ample free time to develop unproductive habits.

Having said that, it’s amazing how quickly one can regain focus and be productive once palatable objectives are set and achieved on a regular basis. So basically, what I am doing now for a soon-to-be living is exciting, and the mobile lifestyle I am creating, even more so.

Thanks again, Craig.


That was pretty cool. And so Walter has an extra $250 to invest into his business.

Later this week I’ll announce our other winner.

Do something exciting.

Craig Ballantyne

“People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones.
If you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone.”
– Kekich Credo #1