Confidence is King


I spent the weekend hanging out in the spring sunshine with my dog, mentally preparing for this week’s Mastermind meeting with my top clients.

The group is full of 40 confident action takers, the type of people who don’t have a motivation problem.

On the other hand…

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from struggling experts, and one of the biggest reasons is because they lack confidence.

They are not confident in themselves, in their products, or in their communications skills.

But here’s the secret – They ARE good enough, smart enough, and YES, dog-gone it, people do like them.

(With apologies to Stuart Smalley.)

Unfortunately, these experts just don’t believe it themselves. and so that lack of confidence is holding so many amazing people back from success.

It truly is the NUMBER ONE mistake of almost every expert who struggles online. Not believing in themselves. And every email they send out comes with a dark cloud attached that virtually rains melancholy all over our computer screens. It’s like receiving an email from Eeyore, the depressing donkey from Winnie the Pooh. Could you imagine that? Ugh.

No one wants to do business with an Eeyore. So don’t be like Eeyore.

Instead, have confidence.

Fake it till you make it – if you must. (I rarely say this or believe this, but in this case, you have to start somewhere…and again, in less than 1% of all the cases I’ve dealt with online has someone’s product not been good enough. It all comes down to the product creator just not believing in themselves.)


Start giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Be like my Mastermind members.

For example, Yuri Elkaim, a raw foods and fitness expert always sends out high-energy, confident emails to our Mastermind group email, telling us what he’s doing, and how if we get involved and promote his products, we’ll be turning emails into gold. THAT’S how you get people’s attention. It sure as heck gets mine and makes me want to be involved with what he’s doing. That’s the type of email people want to receive.

Listen, we all have enough Eeyore’s in our personal lives, we don’t need them in our website businesses too.

Bottom line: Eeyore bad. Confidence good.

So before you hit send on any email, today and every day in the future, make sure you run it through your “Eeyore-filter”, so it’s not another “woe-is-me, please help” email begging for a handout.

Instead, write with a smile and pride. Put ENERGY and confidence into your emails. Be a high-energy value action taker, not an energy-suck. Make sure the words you send out ATTRACT people to you with enthusiasm, rather than repel with depression.

Remember: People want to follow other people who are PASSIONATE. And you can’t be passionate when you’re down in the dumps, feeling sorry for yourself, and apologizing for
everything you do.

Be super-ultra-mega confident and ATTRACT people into your world.

Believe in YOU,

“You CANNOT have self-doubt.” – Dan Kennedy

  • Michael

    Hello, Craig. Thanks for the post. In it, you mention a Mastermind meeting in Las Vegas. I live just outside of Las Vegas, and would be most interested in learning more about this group. Could you please shoot me an e-mail and let me know if the group is open to new members? (I’m a freelance Web developer.) Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Will do.

      It’s probably not a good fit for you, but hopefully I’ll be wrong.


  • Great post on confidence! I tend to feel like I need to read everything on a subject before I try to write or speak about it. The fact is there are always going to be smarter people than me, but I am not trying to talk to them. I have to write to that one person who is listening and the message will get there.

    Craig, as you are speaking to and with groups all the time I am sure you are not in need of help. However, for your newbie readers like myself, a resource I have found to be incredibly helpful is Toastmasters. It gives you a chance to practice your message in a totally supportive environment and get comfortable speaking to a group of people. It is a total confidence builder because there is support for every aspect of the meetings (it seems we clap for everything). Not to be too infomercially, but one of the biggest sellers of joining Toastmasters is that it will cost you less than $100 for a year.

    So for you readers like me that need an extra kick of confidence, find a local club near you!


    • Anonymous

      Thank you Richard.