Your QnA and a Challenge

Each Friday I’m going to answer at least one reader question in addition to bringing you more great content. Today, a reader has a question on my habits, and I have an article for you on your legacy.

Let me know what you think of the QnA – good or bad – in the comments below.

Question: I liked your 12 Rules, but do you seriously stick to that schedule all the time? – Lisa M.


Answer: No, absolutely not. Sometimes I sleep in until 5:30am. 🙂

The biggest problem I have is one that almost everyone has – going to bed early. Like most people, I’ll often stay up too late watching a movie or engrossed in a good book. While that happens from time to time, it doesn’t bother me too much, as long as I don’t sleep in. Being early to rise is one of the most important components of my day.

How often I stick to my rules also depends where I am. I split my time between Toronto and my family farm (I actually get more writing done at the farm). I’m also on the road a lot – usually twice per month for seminars or Mastermind meetings, like this weekend, and I don’t expect to get to bed before 11pm while down in Austin.

The final 3 weeks of August will have me taking my annual trip to Europe, starting in Lithuania (where I’ll be speaking at a seminar for college-aged entrepreneurs), followed by holidays in Austria and Denmark.

I certainly don’t expect to be in bed before 9pm on many of those nights, but I will do my very best to remain an early riser, as I have a lot of writing to finish. And yes, there will be at least a few days without any work at all in Europe, as we have plenty of hiking and climbing planned in Austria.

Overall, I’m similar to ETR reader Rebekah, who commented on my article and said she sticks to her rules 80% of the time. Personally, I prefer to push myself a little bit harder and stick to my rules 90% of the time.

This is something I’ve learned from my clients in my fitness business. Those who have a 90% compliance in their diet and exercise program get the greatest results – significantly greater results than those who only stick to their plan 80% of the time or less.

So here’s my challenge to you: Spend the next 21 days aiming for 90% compliance with the habits you need to follow to achieve your goals. I promise that you’ll make dramatic breakthroughs, no matter if your goal is weight loss, an increase in sales, or improved relationships with your loved ones.