Can Cellphones Really Give You Cancer?

Some people think Senator Kennedy’s cellphone caused it.

He was diagnosed last year with a malignant “glioma,” a kind of brain cancer specifically considered a risk for cellphone users.

Should you be worried?

The truth is, cellphones have not been around long enough to give us the kind of long-term studies we really need to know for sure.

And the research is conflicting. Some studies show no increased risk. So I’m not ready to tell my readers and patients that cellphones definitely cause cancer. The FDA says, “The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones.” But they then add, “There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely safe.”

Some of the most up-to-date research suggests that there is some cause for concern. Here’s what I know:

• Researchers in Israel found last year that people who used cellphones heavily experienced a 58 percent increase in “parotid tumors” – a cancer of the saliva gland near the ear.

• Another study last year, this one out of Sweden, concluded that cellphone users are 10 times more likely to develop benign cancers of the ear and brain.

• Several animal studies have found that the kind of radiation cellphones use can damage DNA in brain cells. Damaged DNA is one of the things that can turn healthy cells into cancer cells.

Cellphones use microwaves called “radio frequency radiation” (RF) to transmit signals. Their antennae emit most of the RF, and since you’re holding the phone right next to your ear most of the time, a lot of it penetrates the brain – as much as 60 percent, according to some studies.

Depending on the size of your head and the amount of radiation coming from the specific type of phone you use, you may be literally “cooking” your brain. RF energy can potentially cause the temperature of your brain tissue to rise slightly.

To protect yourself from any potential risk from cellphone RF, here are a few guidelines:

• Keep cellphone calls short.

• Go with a “hands-free” headset or a speakerphone. These keep the cellphone from direct contact with your head.

• Don’t carry your cellphone in your chest or hip pocket. Even when in “standby” mode, cellphones continue to emit radiation, exposing whichever part of your body is closest.

• When using a hands-free headset, let the wire extend fully between your head and the phone. This distributes RF in small amounts along the length of your body rather than concentrating it in any one location.

• Look for a phone with “voice-activated” features. These enable you to place calls and perform other commands without having to hold the phone close to your head.

• Use a standard “land line” whenever possible.

• Find out the level of RF emissions for your cellphone. If the level is high, replace the phone.

Cellphones come with emissions ratings known as “SARs” (specific absorption rates). These range from 0.5 to 1.6 W/kg (watts of power absorbed per kilogram of body tissue). Avoid any cellphone that falls within range of that upper limit.

The FDA provides SAR ratings for most kinds of cellphones and other wireless devices online. You’ll need to locate your cellphone’s FCC ID number, which is usually located somewhere on the case of the phone or in the battery compartment.

Meanwhile, my Wellness Research team’s tracked down the SAR ratings for some commonly used cellphones:


sar rating

Alcatel OT-256 0.59
Apple iPhone 0.974
Blackberry 8100 Pearl 1.52
Kyocera KX1 (SoHo) 0.99
LG Prada 1.29
Nokia 2300 1.27
Nokia 2650 0.54
Palm Treo 600 1.43
Palm Treo 650 CDMA 1.5
Samsung PM-A840 1.29
Samsung SPH-A900 0.92
Sanyo M1 1.22
Sanyo SCP-5400 1.16
Sharp GX20 0.7
Sony Ericsson A1228C 1.34
Sony Ericsson K600i 0.5
Sprint PM 8912 1.27
T-Mobile Dash 1.34


Don’t wait for proof positive that cellphone use can harm you. Using my guidelines, take steps right now to protect yourself.

[Ed. Note: Dr. Sears is a practicing physician and the author of The Doctor’s Heart Cure. He is also a nutrition expert, a fitness expert, and is board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Find Dr. Sears’s practical solutions and get immediate access to more than 500 of his articles by visiting]

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    Today there are an estimated 3 billion cell phones in the world. In Europe 80% of the population uses them, compared to 60% in the US. The US. Market is growing quickly especially among teens and children who are at the greatest risk. . All this points to one fact: cell phones are BIG business. Even though the health risks from radiation are being reported and the evidence is mounting, the industry giants continue to claim their products are safe.
    Shelly Kalnitsky, an authority on cell phone issues wants to ask you three questions.
    1. Do you now believe nicotine is non-addictive?
    2. Do you now believe that cigarette smoking does not cause lung cancer?
    3. Do the words “radiation” and “microwaves” sound like something you want going into your brain?

    “The jury is still out on the extent of the long term effects of cell phones” says Kalnitsky “but we are discovering more evidence of cell phone dangers.” He points to an independent reporting site which documents hundreds of articles , studies and research on cell phone dangers under world news.
    He discusses :
    • How the industry suppresses negative stories.
    • The increased risks cell phones pose to teens and children.
    • Why current hands free kits are more dangerous.
    • New products that can reduce the risk.
    • Safety tips in cell phone usage.

    Kalnitsky is an expert on the subject and can add insight on recent scientific findings as well as discuss protection devices such as shields, new hands free radiation free kits and safety tips that can offer a remedy for cell phone users.

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    What you can’t see, can hurt you:

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    • Independent tests have measured up to four times the amount of radiation coming from the hands-free earpiece of a cellular phone than from the antenna.
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    • Studies have shown serious biological effects at exposures far below the legally allowed exposure standards?
    • Lloyd’s of London refused to underwrite cellular manufacturers against possible future claims of microwave health damage.

    Cell phones, cordless phones, laptop computers and other electronic devices have been proven to cause biological damage to the body. Studies have shown that the Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by these devices can cause irreparable damage to human DNA resulting in chromosome damage, hormone and enzyme imbalances, and other abnormalities. Mounting scientific evidence suggests that even moderate use of these electronic devices can lead to disorders such as fatigue, memory loss, infertility and tumors. The problems are magnified in children.

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