Can 10 Minutes Each Morning Really Change Your Life?

Why should you bother reading Early to Rise every morning?

You’re a busy person and you’ve got other, more important, things to do. And so do I. That’s why I’ve designed ETR to be a quick read – one main message and three or four briefs – that you can read in about 10 minutes flat.

What can 10 minutes do for you? That will be interesting to find out. Take a look at what ETR has done for others, who – just like you – may have wondered at one point whether they could afford to devote 10 minutes of their morning to reading ETR:

  • PH earned an extra $80,000 (and earned even more than that the following year) by following the advice in Message #103.
  • JF followed our patented “chicken entrepreneur’s guide to starting your own business” and now has a $125,000-a-year second stream of income.
  • SA used a combination of two ETR marketing secrets to create a $36,000-a-month extra line of income. (And that’s on top of the high six-figure income he’d secured using ETR’s start-your-own-business system.)
  • RJ has followed ETR’s advice on turning himself into “an invaluable employee.” Not only has his job become secure for life, his salary has surpassed one million dollars!
  • PP used advice given in Message  #396 to raise the income of his part-time real estate investing business to more than $100,000 last year.

Every week, we get letters from readers saying how one of the suggestions we made changed their lives … how income grew, job satisfaction increased, health improved, productivity doubled, profits boomed, stress was reduced, and so on.

So now, back to you. Can reading ETR change your life?

Yes, it can. I am 100% positive of that. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the wealth/health/wisdom food chain. It makes no difference whether you are broke and fat or rich and thin … ETR can improve your life.

Reading ETR works – not because everything that we say is brilliant, but because every tip we pass along has been proven to work. Nothing we talk about is theoretical. Every observation and recommendation we make comes from personal experience.

Our recommendations may not work for all people at all times, but they have all worked for either me or for someone I know. And if something has worked for someone else, it can work for you too.

Think about some goal you’ve had for a while. Maybe you’d like to stop doing what you are doing and make a lot of money working at something you care about. Maybe you’d like to develop a side business that relates to sports or entertainment or travel. Whatever it is, we know you can do it.

It’s just a matter of following steps that others have taken before you.

So, what’s your dream? And what’s stopping you from pursuing it? What’s keeping you from making $100,000 to $1 million a year doing something you love?

  • What’s stopping you from starting your own business?
  • What’s stopping you from getting your book published?
  • What’s stopping you from losing that weight?

Not ETR.

We are here in your e-mail inbox, waiting for you every morning. Full of good cheer and useful advice, armed with loads of experience and insights. There is nothing we would rather see happen, nothing at all, than to see you succeed.

ETR’s purpose is to get you to succeed in life. We can give you the ideas. We can show you how it’s done. We can put you in touch with great resources and show you how to build a personal network.

It all begins with 10 minutes a day.

Over the next two weeks, we are going to be talking to you about how you can change your life. First, we will try to inspire you. Then, we will show you how other ETR readers have achieved their goals. And we will give you specifics – the details you need to turn your goals into realities.

As long as you read ETR every morning, you will be doing something definite to make your dreams come true. There won’t be breakthroughs every day, but you will always at least be moving forward.

And we will always be here for you with the tools that you can use to construct your own success – news, ideas, and recommendations to make you wealthier, healthier, and wiser … one day at a time.

For Your Wealth:

I can show you how to get out of debt, get control of your finances, develop financially valuable skills, and begin building your wealth. I can show you how to turn your life around in 24 hours and steadily get richer – by increasing the income you already have … by adding a second, active source of income … by investing profitably in real estate and other financial markets … and by living like a billionaire without spending like one. The ETR program is designed to give you a seven-figure net worth (that is $1 million to $9.9 million) in 7 years or less.

For Your Health:

You don’t need to spend hours every day training and keeping to a strict diet to become healthy, fit, agile, and pain-free. You can have great health (and enjoy it) by following the ETR-designed health-and-fitness program for busy professionals. Build muscle by working out (with or without weights) just twice a week for 10-15 minutes each time. Triple your energy and explosiveness in just five minutes a day. Eat like a king – including pretty much all the meat, fish, nuts, and berries you want (cheese too!) – while you transform fat into muscle.

For Your Wisdom:

We’ll help you achieve your personal-growth goals by advising you on how to become a better speaker, writer, thinker, and listener. You’ll build your vocabulary … increase your knowledge of the things that contribute to good living (art, wine, etc.) … learn how to impress your boss, satisfy your most discerning customers, and charm new acquaintances … and enjoy more tranquility and simplicity in your life.

You can do all this and more simply by spending 10 minutes with ETR every morning. You don’t have to follow all of our suggestions. Just spend a few minutes scanning each daily message, and then five or six minutes paying extra attention to anything that appeals to you.

The greatest tragedy is lost potential. Why waste yours? A better, brighter, fuller, and happier future is at your fingertips. And we are here each morning to help you reach it.

[Ed. Note.  Mark Morgan Ford was the creator of Early To Rise. In 2011, Mark retired from ETR and now writes the Palm Beach Letter. His advice, in our opinion, continues to get better and better with every essay, particularly in the controversial ones we have shared today. We encourage you to read everything you can that has been written by Mark.]