Business Secrets from Vegas

Vegas doesn’t like me for a few reasons.

First, I don’t gamble, or spend a lot money at their shows or bars.

And second, I never keep my mouth shut about what “happens in Vegas”.

But, that’s good news for you, because I have 10 lessons on how you can benefit from what happened when I was in Vegas this weekend.

Tip #1 – Mastermind with people smarter than you

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon – early – so that my business partner, Bedros Keuilian and I could workout, mastermind, eat dinner, network with some of our other business partners, and then mastermind some more.

Bedros is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know, and we had some serious, even uncomfortable, discussions about some of the decisions I’m facing in my business, but I know that the 6 hours we spent together are going to make the next 6 months of my business the best ever.

So the lesson for you is this…even if you can’t travel around and mastermind with guys like Bedros, you MUST, at the very least, connect with people who are at the next level at mastermind with them or have them mentor you.

It is – without a doubt – the fastest way to success.

Tip #2 – Network with cool people who are value-adders to the world

Bedros and I ate dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant on Wednesday, and we invited our friend John Romaniello to join us.

By networking with each other, we expanded our contact circle, and now if we need help with anything, we have more people to contact.

Listen, you can’t achieve everything you want in life by doing it on your own. You have to network, online and offline, and get to know more people who can again, speed up your path to success.

Tip #3 – Celebrate your victories

During dinner, we also celebrated our victories. Sometimes you forget to do that, because you’re always thinking about the next project.

So take time to give thanks, recognize others, and genuinely be happy that we are so fortunate to have an opportunity to build a website business and enjoy the incredible independence that comes with it.

Tip #4 – Have confidence and superiority

On Thursday, Bedros ran the Mastermind group and we coached over 15 elite website business owners on what they need to do over the next 4 months.

The common attribute among the most successful people in the room was their self- confidence and feeling of superiority.

That’s right, and sure it sounds politically incorrect, but the truth is you MUST feel that your products and what you have to offer are superior to everyone else.

When you have that powerful self-confidence, it comes through in everything you do, attracting others (i.e. affiliates, business partners, customers) into your world.

If you aren’t confident, if you have a low opinion of your own business, you’ll struggle.

Not my fault the world treats confident people different from others, that’s just the way it goes.

But you have the power to control how confident you are…so build it up.

Tip #5 – Do a LOT of things at once – Simultaneous action

We start each meeting buy having our coaching clients list their greatest accomplishments that had taken place since last meeting.

Some clients had their first $1000 day (congrats Rob), while others had their first $65K month (nice work Dustin), and others were adding over 100 new prospects to their list from just one traffic source alone (great work Yuri).

Another commonality amongst these folks with the biggest breakthroughs is that they were taking a TON of simultaneous ACTION. They weren’t sitting around waiting for one thing to get done before taking the next step.

They were always in motion…had a bit of a “messy kitchen”, I suppose you might say, but they were pumping out more delicious results than their competitors who probably aren’t even doing 1/5th of the work.

So take ACTION – lots of it – on lots of worthwhile projects.

Now that said…

…there is one DOWNSIDE to doing TOO many things at once…if you are not prepared.

And tomorrow we’ll talk about the one of the biggest mistakes that some of our most advanced coaching clients were still making in their businesses.

Fortunately, we fixed it, and it should triple their incomes and productivity over the summer.

But that’s it for today.

More Vegas secrets tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne – The Facebook

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