The One Big Thing You Can’t Ignore

In everyone’s lives and businesses there is “The Problem”. It’s the one big thing we can’t ignore, yet somehow we manage to put it off to the side every day and dance around the issue.

It might be a conflict at home. Perhaps it’s an underlying problem with a project at work that no one wants to bring up.

The problem with The Problem, of course, is that eventually it gets bigger and worse than it is right now, leading to even bigger headaches in the future than it would have if you’d have tackled it now.

Today, I’ll urge you to attack that problem head on with a simple strategy.

For Chris Lopez, author of the kettlebell workouts program, today’s guest author, his problem was a lack of time. With five kids and a burgeoning fitness business, he didn’t have much time – or energy – to devote to building an international website business.

However, he knew that while the in-person fitness business was a well-paying “job”, only the success of the website business could bring him the ultimate lifestyle and financial independence he desired for his family. As a result, Chris discovered ways to find more time in his day to not only build his website business, but also to do so without compromising the relationships he has with his wife and children.

I’m very proud of what Chris has accomplished, and you’ll learn a lot from his strategies.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne
Early to Rise