How to Double Your Blog Traffic

I’m working on a really intense email for you that I hope to be done for Wednesday, however I’m struggling with the right way to wrap it all up, so today I’m going to dip further into the “Rick Porter Files”, for more cool SEO tips.

The Question and Answer below comes from actual emails back and forth between Rick and I as we strategize on ways to boost my traffic, and the traffic to some of the projects we are working on together.

As I was telling my friend Matt on Sunday night in Mickey Mantle’s sports bar in NYC, some of the most exciting projects come from working with Rick Porter on our SEO efforts.

I love getting emails from Rick because we just have so much going on, and because he is just so darn good at what he does, and it energizes me on all the great things that we can accomplish.

So recently I asked him: “Rick, how can we double the traffic to my blog?”

Rick’s Answer:
“A great strategy to increasing traffic is simply finding out which keywords are getting you traffic and then boosting them in the rankings to the #1 position (because while you will get ‘some’ traffic from a #5 position on page 1, you’ll get 4x’s – or more – traffic if you can get up to the #1 position.

So send me your Google analytics for 1 month so I can look at the keywords that are giving you the most traffic.

For example – you probably rank for dozens of keywords on page 1 where you might get a couple hits a day because the keyword is ranked somewhere on the middle or bottom of the page, but simply by boosting it to a #3 or #2 spot you could multiply the traffic to page by 2X to 10X.

We can look at your sidebar for popular search terms and I would actually edit some of those so they don’t show up unless you really want to rank high for ‘brazil women’ and ‘jack and coke’, you can go into search terms tagging and add those to the ignore list.

(CB NOTE: Two of the most popular search terms leading people to my site are “how many calories in a jack and coke” and something to do with “brazil women”.)

However a better plugin that I have been using is called AutolinkJuicer – this is the one I have on our Shapeshifter workout affiliate page where we can actually pick and choose the keyword and URL.

We could look at your top traffic terms and then any of them that are not in #1 we should put in the sidebar so that we can boost them to #1.

Then I would run backlinks to all of those URL’s with the appropriate anchor text.  It would actually be pretty easy to do, the only time consuming part is looking at your traffic and picking which keywords we want to boost.

The AutolinkJuicer plugin also will show a list of the search terms and where they are ranked so that you can hit a ‘boost button’ and it will automatically put that keyword and URL in the sidebar widget.

Rick Porter

Thanks Rick, and to everyone who applies these tips and gets results, please let me know.

Keep rocking,

Craig Ballantyne

“Patience is profitable. Achievement comes from the sum of consistent small efforts, repeated daily.” – Kekich Credo #74