Big Lessons from Frank Kern

Yesterday I received an email from Ryan Deiss, one of the few Internet Marketers who I still subscribe to for updates.

In the email was a link to this site for a Frank Kern book


(This is NOT an affiliate link. I do not make money if you buy anything.)

And this morning I realized, I’d be doing you wrong if I didn’t tell you about this link.

On that site you’ll discover a video from one of the most persuasive gentlemen on the planet, Frank Kern.

Frank Kern is going to sell you a $6 book.

At least, he sold ME a $6 book. And it’s probably going to be one of the best $6 books I’ve ever ordered.

Why is Frank Kern selling this great info for 6 bucks?

Well, probably so that Frank can get my physical mailing address so he can send me sales letters in the mail.

(I’m not 100% certain, so hopefully he doesn’t sue me for saying that…I’ll actually be visiting Frank Kern in May, so I can apologize to him in person then if I must.)

Getting my physical mailing address is one reason, but as you’ll find out when you order his book, he also wants to sell me other products.

So you’ll get a couple of follow up videos.

Now I’ll be honest…I didn’t buy any of the “upsell offers”, yet.

Key word, yet. I might go back and buy them later. I’m just too busy to get them now.

That said, you should definitely watch the upsell videos Frank Kern presents.

As Yogi Berra once said, “You can learn a lot from observing.” And learn you will. Even if it’s just some good ideas on cool paintings to put on your walls.

But more importantly, you should get these big lessons from Frank’s system.

1) Really cool, low-priced front end offer

2) Collect mailing addresses

3) Sell interested customers more expensive products after establishing good will and value with low priced offer (this is the biggest lesson)

4) ???

5) Profit

So again, I wouldn’t be much of a teacher if I didn’t share this resource with you. At the very least, I recommend you invest the $6 in his “Big Question Mark” book, and learn
as much as you can from his sales pitch delivery.

Here’s the Frank Kern link again:


And I promise you…that’s not a cleverly disguised affiliate link where I’ll make $1.47 for each $6 book you buy on Frank Kern.

I make nothing from telling you about this, but again, it’s the right thing to do.

Keep an open mind,

Craig Ballantyne

“Give away everything you know and more will come back to you.”- Author Unknown