The Big Affiliate Question

The Catch-22 to making money online is this…

If you don’t have affiliates, it’s tougher to make sales, but if you don’t have sales then it’s tough to convince affiliates to be your first affiliate.

You’re stuck.

The solution?

Scheme up a great answer to this question and you’ll have all the affiliates and business partners you need.

“What can you do to make it irresistible for top affiliates to want to do business with you?”

This is the secret to Joel Marion’s success, the guy I was telling you about yesterday.

I first heard the affiliate-relationship framed in this way during Andy Jenkins’ presentation at the Info-Summit this past weekend.

It was easily one of the biggest a-ha moments I had in Atlanta (aside from the one I had at Hooters at lunch on Friday – but I’m keeping that one between Bedros Keuilian and myself).

This question is so important I’m going to ask you twice:

“What can you do to make it irresistible for top affiliates to want to do business with you?”

Set aside your magic time, pour yourself some caffeine, and solve your Catch-22.

On Friday, we’ll reverse our roles and I’ll let you ask the questions.

You need great questions and answers to succeed,

Craig Ballantyne

Make sure you have a few friends who ask you tough questions, who make you think twice about what you believe is ‘fact’ in your business/career. Someone who challenges you is worth a lot more than a bunch of people who agree with your every decision.

  • Krunoslav

    Hi Craig,
    My name is Krunoslav and I live in Croatia. I’m working on my software product for quite some time now and BETA release is several weeks from today. My plan is to:
    1. finish the product to BETA release stage
    2. put up a website with a “PayPal donate button” and “keep me posted” form
    3. set up my account with FastSpring and try to connect with their affiliate community
    4. enable my app to connect to Facebook and twitter – status updates and posts will be awaliable from the application
    5. create banners for ads
    6. finish the product
    7. Launch
    Do you have any advice for me? I feel like I’ve got everything covered, but I’m doing this for the first time, and with all of that I have 9-5 day job
    I’m reading your blog for about a year now and love the information in every post you put up there, it has helped and guided me more than any information I found online regarding internet business.
    I know zou don’t sell software but anyway I want to hear your opinion, it would mean a lot to me! Also if you know anyone in Croatia that can help me in any way, feel free to send them my mail and this post.