Best Question Ever?

Thanks to my friend Simon Black for referring a few hundred new subscribers yesterday. Welcome to the Internet Independence daily email. Each Friday, I dip into the ol’ virtual mailbag and answer a few questions.

This week…I answer the best question EVER. But of course, I’m saving it for the end. And yes, I’m being sarcastic (about the question).

And for our advanced readers, I have more SEO wordpress plugin information from expert, Rick Porter.

But first, let’s get started with a common question from one of the many overwhelmed new readers.

Q from Ori: Hey, I just found your site and I’m already overwhelmed. I really need to make some extra money on the side so that I can eventually quit my day job, and I’d love to use the internet to do this. Where do I start?

Hi Ori, welcome. Being overwhelmed is natural, that’s what happens every time someone starts learning about something new.

But trust me, if you can follow a system, you can make money with a website business. And NO, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to do it.

You’ll want to start with two articles I’ve written.

1) The first is “The 10 Pillars of Internet Independence” here.

And the second is your complete 12-month blueprint to building a $100K website business. Believe me, it’s entirely possible if you follow the system I outline here

=> $100K in 12 Months Blueprint

Oh, and if you’re a beginner who is overwhelmed, do yourself a HUGE favor and skip over  this next question…it’s for advanced readers only.

Q from just about everyone: What’s the name of the social bookmarking plugin recommended by Rick Porter yesterday?!?!

Answer from SEO expert, Rick Porter:
It’s called “Social Linker” and you can get it as part of TrafficKaboom – which is a fantastic product available on Clickbank. The two guys that launched TrafficKaboom are two of the only internet marketers that I trust.

Traffic Kaboom has an incredible setup, you have access to some unbelievable plugins for wordpress.

It also has a video submission tool that can submit your video to about 10 video sites. And you also get access to their blog network and can submit about 5-10 articles per day for backlinks – each article gets about 50-110 submissions depending on how much you spin the article.

I only recommend the tools and services I actually use myself and that is one of them.

Also, everyone should have one of the many free plug-ins that post to If you didn’t know, is a free service that you can connect to about 40 social networks.

And NO, you don’t have to do all this tech work yourself. You can go to and hire someone super-cheap to set-up the 40 social network accounts for you.


Thanks Rick. This is Craig again, and you’ll realize that I didn’t include an affiliate link for Traffic Kaboom…which brings me to our last question – and best question EVER – straight from the blog:

Q from Wally: The info you are giving seems great but I can’t see where you have any money-making opportunity on your site. Are you selling the names that sign up for the newsletter?

Haha, no, not selling anyone’s email addresses. I’m not evil like that, and even if I was, I don’t know how. So don’t worry, your email address is safe with me.

That said, I will eventually sell something on my Internet Independence website, I just don’t know what it will be.

And frankly, I’m in no rush.

Unlike many internet “guru’s”, I’m not a “shovel-seller” who only makes money by selling flavor-of-the-week “how to make money” information to beginners.

Instead, I actually have a REAL website business selling fitness information products that makes me more than enough money to buy all of the fanciest dog foods my ol’ pup, Bally, can eat.

The truth is, the real reason I write daily emails from is because I literally can’t stop myself from doing this.

I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried.

And yes, I DO have more important things to do with my time.

But I can’t stop myself. This is what I’m driven to do everyday.

And so if you’ll be a little patient with me an just enjoy this free content for a while longer, I promise to try and sell you something eventually.

But until then, I’ll just enjoy “freaking people out” with the fact that I have a “how to make money on the internet” website that doesn’t actually sell anything.

I like to keep people guessing,

Craig Ballantyne

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