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Today’s update is short and sweet, but also extremely profitable…this is perhaps the most important email I’ve ever sent you.

In this audio recording, you’ll hear me interview Joel Marion about his product launches.

Joel explains everything that he’ll be doing to make you more money during the 24-7 Fat Loss product launch we have coming up starting on October 25th.

Listen to the call here:


Plus Joel shares several action steps you need to take during this promotion – or any promotion – you ever do.

This call will make you money even if you use just one of the tips Joel gives.

The info in here is more valuable than most of the internet marketing products that people are selling for thousands of dollars these days.

Listen to the call – over and over again – here:


Then stay tuned for more details about the launch.

Joel and I are going to film some killer content for you while we are in Mexico next week.

(Make sure to listen to the end of the call to where Joel explains how you’ll be able to join us on trips like this in the future. Cool stuff.)


Craig Ballantyne
Co-Author, 24-7 Fat Loss

PS – Share this call with everyone you know who is interested in building a website business and their own financial independence.