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So I’m off on a 14-day, 19,000 mile Internet Independence mission that started yesterday with a flight to Denver.

The full trip is:

Toronto-Denver-Seattle-Vancouver-HongKong-Bangkok-Pattaya-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong-Toronto.

What am I doing? Long story, and frankly, I don’t even know for the most part…but I will keep you updated. (Alas, Seattle and Vancouver are connections only.)

One thing I do know is that for the next two days here in Denver, Matt Smith and I will be loving every minute of our small group Mastermind meeting with 9 awesome attendees.

The hot seats will got hot, the brains will storm, and the breakthroughs be fast and furious.

Some folks are advanced and will just need 6-figure tweaks to their sales systems, while others are starting a little closer to the beginning.

Same with our weekly QnA…so let’s start from the start and work our way to the advanced:

Question: Greetings! I just joined your financial independence monthly news letter but I don’t have a business idea.

I have joined various other programs and paid for couches in the past but the main issue is not lack of motivation but lack of an idea. Do you have any programs to help with business ideas? Thanks in advance. – Anne

Answer: Hi Anne, yes, you’ll find plenty of material in the back issues of Financial Independence Monthly, as well as in the advanced online coaching options.

But let’s start the conversation and thinking here with this quote from one of the greatest teachers in history:

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle

So…what are your talents and what are the needs of the world that you can fill?

Question:  I’d love to get a quick quote from you for the launch of my new blog, Life On The High Wire. The blog is geared toward helping people live creative, independent, hugely satisfying lives, and since you’re someone who epitomizes that high-wire life, youre a perfect fit.

Here’s the question: What one piece of advice would you give my readers, who are trying to push themselves to be more, have more, and do more?

Optional question: What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done, and how did it turn out? – Deonne

Answer: Create a vision for your life. It will be the roadmap for your future and will guide all the important decisions along the way.

Without knowing where you want to go, you won’t have the proper tools and map to get there. Figure out what you want first, and be very specific, and then set off on creating a plan to get you to that exact final destination.

Optional answer: I bought a dog. It turned out weird.

Question:  I recently became a subscriber of “Financial Independence Monthly”. I have a few questions about the material that you guys put together. I have noticed that highlighted products are “information” products.

I am involved with a Multi-Level- Marketing business. So I actually have a “physical” product to sell. The company I work with already spend millions of dollars advertising through infomercials.

But anyways my question is whether you believe the things taught in FIM will be just as effective for my business? I know there are likely things that will not be applicable to my business. I just wanted an expert opinion! – Dominic

Answer: Hi Dominic, The good news is that you’re still going to do 99% of the same things.

You need to get traffic – same deal as info product vs non-info product.

You need to build a relationship with your prospect. No difference here, either.

You need to do all the same things as someone who sells information products.

In fact, it would be easier just to list the things that aren’t in common between an info business and what you have to do…and that’s simply, you don’t have to create a product.

In your case, you’re just sending people to the company’s website, right? So it’s not like you’re actually selling physical products yourself. You don’t have to deal with shipping, shopping carts, etc.

Your business is even easier than selling info products.

Everything, with the exception of product creation, is the same – and that’s very, very good news.

And now for some advanced questions from one of my fitness info mastermind members.

Question:  My 2.0 program is currently 4 modules (one is a free bonus) at 3 payments of $87. I surveyed my list about what products they want to see – what keeps them from buying my current products, etc., and having the money to invest in a full program was a big hurdle. Suggestions?

Answer: You could offer an essentials only pack to these people. Just make sure it doesn’t go out to past customers. Maybe there is one thing you could offer them at $47 – one time – that gives them great value.

Question:  Some were interested in having the workouts available on a iPod app – have you put yours on iPhone/iPad?

Answer:  No, I haven’t done apps. To me, that’s a “whisper” not a “scream”. Compare the costs – including the opportunity costs – of doing an app versus better uses of your time.

Question:  They were very interested in a Product Of the Month Club which I think would be fun to do and I could get it going pretty quickly – do you think this would be a good addition at $19-29 per month for one complete manual and video?

Answer: You bet.

Question:  Should I think about putting the bonuses for sale on an individual basis on the site for $19-37 each or keep them just for people who buy the bit ticket items.

Answer: Pick the best one, do a little internal 3-day promotion for it, and see what happens. Use a slightly discounted offer to the full package in the upsell.

I.e. they pay $37 for the first thing and then get an upsell to a 2x$87 for the rest of the full package.

Finally, just some cool reader feedback to finish off.

“Hi Craig,

Just wanted to say I’ve been a loyal fan and reader for over a year along with my wife and little sister (lives in Panama) – and you are truly one of a kind man.  A lot of people have a goal or mission but your dedication is unparalleled.

Your writing style to is incredible easy to read and follow (you and Simon Black are the best 1-2 punch an inbox could have) – it’d be an honor to attend one of your seminars sometime, I think it’s too late for the one in March, but we keep our eyes on ya

I have been using your tips (and Nicky – lol) on a few projects and on one site (it’s a lead gen site not a product site ) we DOMINATE on about 5 very competitive terms for SEO, tips form your newsletters have helped, so in addition to the daily motivation and info – I wanted to just email and say thank you man. Keep doing good things Craig.” – Dustin Sparks


“Loved this article, Craig. Thanks for sharing your big heart with us. As Maya Angelou once said “”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This article communicates on a level much deeper than words. Thanks for daring to share. – Joe Weaver

Answer: Joe, thank you. I really appreciate your kind words. Great to hear from you, as always.

Here’s the article Joe was referring to

That is how you live,

Craig Ballantyne

Being average is worse that below-average. At least those below-average have something to fight for. Average just encourages sedated living.