Beginner Product Launch Results

Up here in Canada, eh, in my small hockey-loving town where I grew up drinking beers at bush parties, we called it “liquid courage” when a guy would have a few and then finally have the nerve to go and talk to that girl he liked from school.

On the Internet, making a few sales, or a whole bunch of sales like you can make during a product launch, gives you the Internet version of liquid courage.

It makes you dream big and shoot for the stars. the stars.

Here’s a real life story of Internet Courage…from my friend, Mike Whitfield.

First, he’ll tell you about his launch results and lessons.

Then he’ll tell you about his ambitious plans.

And finally, I’ll finish today’s email with the BIG LESSON, one that will be a little bit different than you might expect.

Over to Mike:


My Product Launch Summary
By Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainer

I just had my second product launch, Ab Finishers.

The biggest take-home message from this launch is to communicate better and more often with your affiliates.

I contacted all of my affiliates asking if they needed my help as well as thanking them for their support. I have no doubts that this led to more sales. You get sales, they make money – it’s a win/win situation.

Always stay in contact with your affiliates, and genuinely offer to help them.

With my first product launch, I didn’t offer an upsell, leaving money on the table and not offering customers more value.  This time I offered what I called a “platinum edition”, in which the customer got 4 more bonuses.  I actually sold more upsells than the basic package.

Basic Internet Marketing 101 lesson was learned – always make sure to have an upsell.

The biggest non-marketing message from the launch that has hit home with me is that it is happening. I’m not just reading about the American Dream.  I am starting to live it.

I literally feel like I’m coming down from the stands and into the game, starting to create the lifestyle that I want.  The hard work is paying off.  It can be done!

It was an amazing and successful experience, and I look forward to doing it again… and again… and again.  People need your ideas and products. They need the help YOU can give them.

Here are my final stats:

Total sold – 316
Gross Sales – $11,772
Profit – $6,617

To the American Dream,

Mike Whitfield


Congratulations to Mike. Great message.

But after the launch he did something even more valuhing even more valuable. He “put himself out there” with an email to our Mastermind group sharing his BIG goals for the rest of the year.

Doing something like this takes courage, but it also attracts good people into your life.

Check out Mike’s second message below, and my BIG LESSON summary after it. It should get you thinking about your big plans for 2012, who you need to help, what you need to do to achieve them, and how amazing it will feel when your plan comes together. (I’ve heard you will love it.)

Back over to Mike with his email to the Mastermind Group…


“My goals:

My Clickbank account was averaging $546/week so far this year, and I would like to hit $1000/week ($4000/month) by the end of March, not including this week’s launch.

So I’m looking at:

March – $4000/month
April – $5000/month
May – $7500/month
June – $8500/month
July – $9500/month
August – $10000/month

When this happens, I can celebrate and my wife Sabrina can become a Stay-At-Home Mom with our boy, Champ.

I originally said $700/week for March, but if I want Sabrina home before the school year starts (she’s a teacher), going up that little bit is not good enough.

I don’t know what I’m doing in my favor.

This is aggressive, but I am working with superstars like Bedros and all the great people in the mastermind group and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

And I know this will take:

– More products/launches/joint ventures
– Tweaking sales copy to increase conversions
– A Video Sales Letter
– Adding upsells (will study Craig and Joel’s upsells)
– Providing excellent customer service to keep refunds low and customers happy
– Consistently providing great content to the Finishers lists
– Affiliate promotions
– Questionable amounts of caffeine

But I can do it.




That’s just one person’s success story…and remember, Mike didn’t even have a product until October of last year.

He’s moving quick. He’s taking action.

Here’s the BIG LESSON:

It is easier for people to get behind you and help you succeed when they know where you want to go.

By sharing this vision, Mike is guaranteed to get there faster.

Craig Ballantyne

PS – If anyone reading can help out Mike…

…with or, it would be greatly appreciated and considered a personal favor to me.

You can email him at: