4 Beginner Internet Marketing Lessons

The debate continues…and I end today’s email with a special gift for you. Don’t miss it.

But first, I really appreciated everyone who stopped by and had their say on “Does Internet Marketing Work”.

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One reply, from Rick Kaselj, one of our Mastermind Members, posted this excellent advice for beginners.

“The short answer = It works. I am one of Craig’s students and do well with online stuff.

The long answer = This internet thing is simple but requires focus, hard work and perseverance.

Mistakes I See People Make When Going Online

#1 – They Don’t See the Potential

All the guys, like Rusty and Craig, saw the potential when they started out. They might have been making $3000 with their job a month but only $30 from their online business.

The next month, it would be $60. This is a 100% raise. While their jobs may only give them a 2 to 5 % raise a year, they saw the potential in their online business.

They saw the potential, if they keep doing the things that got them to $30 a month, before they knew it, they would reach $8333 a month.

#2 – Compound Success

With every email, blog post, video, product and affiliate; you are compounding your results. Instead of 1 plus 1 it is 2 times 2.

Your bond with people grows. You take up more of the internet.

Your network with more people online, grows. It continues to grow like compound interest.

#3 – Action Equals Opportunity

You many not be getting the results you want but if you are taking action, people see that you are busting your butt. Opportunity comes your way.

I just got an email from someone that wants to team up with me on a product. It took two years to reach this point but I have been busting my butt and people see that and want to be
part of that because they know, you are creating someone great and you will be something with time.

People want to be part of that.

#4 – People Read Craig’s Stuff But Don’t Take Action

Craig give us all so much information, it is overwhelming. Don’t just read what he says, take action on it.

For example, with today’s email:

– What is the problem you see?
– What is the solution to the problem? (Keep it simple.)
– Do a screen capture video using Jing (Google it) of a

PowerPoint presentation with 5 slides that highlight the problem you talked about above and put it on YouTube.

Just do it. Don’t think about it. People don’t see you thinking, they see you doing.

– Sign up for a free teleconference service.
– Contact the biggest online name that you want to interview and ask them if you can interview them.

But I don’t have a list?

Record it and give to those that follow you on your Facebook page. Build from there.


Rick Kaselj, http://ExercisesForInjuries.com


That’s great advice. I really hope all beginners take it to heart.

Please, please take ACTION.

YOU can do it.  You can achieve what you want in life. But in order to achieve your dreams, you have to know where you want to go. And my Christmas gift to you is this Vision of Your Life.


And let me know what you think,

Craig Ballantyne