5 Dead Simple Tips to Beat Overwhelm, Master Your Schedule, and Live Your Perfect Life [Case Study]

“I can’t do this anymore.”

One of my previous coaching clients Jason Will sighed from the other end of the phone during our first call together.

“My business is going well, but I don’t feel like I have time to be a good husband, take care of myself, and make time for the things that really matter.”

And his problem is not an uncommon one.

After coaching thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve found that the most common struggle facing today’s high performers is NOT:

  • Lead generation.
  • Sales
  • Increasing revenue
  • Management
  • Marketing

It’s finding a way to balance making a living with making a life. 

It’s easy to make more money, grow your income, and reach high levels of financial success.

What’s hard is to accomplish all of these goals while still making time for all of the other important things in life.

After attending my Perfect Life Workshop and taking massive action on our coaching sessions, Jason has made some amazing improvements that have allowed him to make massive progress on his new business, improve his family and romantic relationships, and still make time to focus on his personal and professional growth.

After sitting down to figure out what helped him make these changes, he shared these 5 key lessons that–if applied–will help you achieve more balance, earn more money, and live your perfect life.

Let’s dive in.

1. Accept the Price for Success

When I first started working with Jason, he was, by his own admittance, searching for the “easy way out”.

He wanted to figure out the fastest and easiest way to grow his business and increase his income.

It’s not that he was lazy (I can promise you he wasn’t). Simply that he was more focused on efficiency than mastery. 

And he’s not alone.

Everywhere we look we see ads, gurus, and marketers telling us that we can become millionaires, find the love of our lives, or build that rocking body we’ve always wanted by using “One weird trick”.

Our society fetishizes efficiency, ease, and comfort and constantly plants the idea in our mind that success should be easy.

And with this message being replayed in your head on an endless loop, it’s easy to think that there’s something “wrong” with you if you aren’t able to build an 8-figure business from your laptops by the end of the week.

But the truth of the matter is that success is hard. Mastery is hard. Creating an amazing life where you have abundant finances, vibrant health, close relationships, and tons of amazing adventures is HARD.

And it’s supposed to be hard.

Anything worth having takes time, patience, and effort. And until you are willing to accept the price of success, you’ll never be able to pay the price or reap the rewards that come from it.

This simple mindset shift allowed Jason to dramatically increase his productivity and focus simply because he understood the fact that it isn’t supposed to be easy.

Instead of thinking, “Wow! This is a really hard work day, I must be doing something wrong.”

His attitude is, “Wow! This is a really hard work day! I must be doing something right.

When you accept how hard it will be, it becomes simple.

You simply show up, put in the work, accept the challenges as they arise and trust that the process will unfold in your favor.

Throughout this week I challenge you to be mindful of your attitude towards the hard work and challenges required for success.

Instead complaining about and avoiding the challenges that will take you to the next level, embrace them and smile to yourself, accepting that this is simply the price to be paid to live the life you want to live.

2. Your Morning Routine is the Ultimate Force Multiplier

When we first started working together, Jason’s mornings were, to be blunt, a mess.

He had no structure, no set-in-stone routines, and no rules to ensure that he woke up on time and owned his days.

The snooze button turned into his “drug” of choice and his mornings were colored by abject anxiety and overwhelm.

Luckily, the solution to his problem was simple.

On our first call, Jason and I worked together to craft a morning routine that would allow him to start his days from a place of power, presence, and focus instead of feeling that sinking hole of despair and thinking, “I’m already behind and I haven’t even started”.

I taught him about the power of the reverse alarm, held him accountable to his new wakeup time–no snoozing allowed–and gave him a simple set of rituals that he could complete in under 15 minutes to prime himself for the day and get into the most positive state possible.  

And the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

Within a matter of days–not weeks, days–Jason reported feeling more focused, productive, and capable of handling his normal workload in significantly less time.

If you are serious about living your Perfect Life and achieving your very own 2x-10 (doubling your income while working 10 fewer hours a week), then you must create and consistently implement a powerful morning routine.

Although I have an entire course dedicated to helping you develop your very own millionaire morning routine, the basics are simple.

At least 60 minutes before bed, you’re going to turn off all of your electronics and complete a “brain dump” writing out all of the things you need to accomplish over the coming days.

Then, take the most important items from your list and schedule them for the following day.

This will ensure that you wake up with a clear plan of action knowing exactly what needs to be done and when.

When you wake up–be sure to set your alarm for at least 2 hours before  your first appointment–you’re going to spend the first 15 minutes of your morning prepping your body with some form of physical activity and hyper hydration (drinking at least 32 oz of water with lemon as soon as you wake up).

Keep it simple. Some light calisthenics or a morning walk is more than enough.

After you’re done with your exercise, you’re going to dive directly into 15-30 minutes of legacy work. The important but non-urgent work that will help take your life to the next level.

Whether it’s writing your book, building your side hustle, creating your next premium course, or refining your public speaking skills, spend at least 15 minutes every morning totally focused on your most important deep work (I’ll talk more about this later).

After you complete your deep work, you can fill your remaining time with meditation, journalling, reading, planning or any other task that helps mentally prepare you for the day.

I promise, if you will follow a morning routine like the one described above for just 30 days, your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine.

Give it a go and let me know your results in the comments below.

3. Don’t Hide from Your Weaknesses, Own Them

One of the most common things that hold entrepreneurs back from achieving the success and balance that they desire is the belief they can do everything themselves.

And for Jason, it was no different.

When he opened his own brokerage, he felt like he had to do everything on his own. Even the aspects of his business where he wasn’t strong.

Since the time you were young, you’ve been taught to “Work on your weaknesses”.

But in the world of business, this is a prescription for failure and burnout, not sustainable success.

To create lasting results, you must own your weaknesses and, if possible, delegate them to someone else.

If you’re an excellent business strategist and manager but you’re terrible at sales, don’t waste your time trying to get better at sales. Hire someone who’s already a sales expert and let them handle the new leads.

If you’re a master at sales and video creation but you can’t write a compelling blog article to save your life, don’t waste 20 hours of your week trying to make one post that gets your audience engaged.

Go on Fiverr or Upwork or reach out to your network and find a content writer who can create three amazing articles each week in half the time.

To accomplish those big goals and dreams that you have, you must be hyper self-aware about your weaknesses and OWN them.

Outsource them, mitigate their effects on your business, and double down on your strengths.

This is the only prescription for success.

4. Work With Your Schedule, Not Your Mood

All too often, entrepreneurs and high-performers who don’t fit the traditional “creative” mold assume that creativity is something that is a result of inspiration rather than perspiration.

That is… They believe the lie that creative work is something that can only be done when the “mood” strikes.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The most prolific creators don’t wait around for the muse to arrive. They sit themselves down in their chair and get to work every single day whether they feel like it or not.

Some days, their output is better and more refined than others. But they are always creating.

When I first started working with Jason, he had a number of creative projects on which he was working.

But he was stuck.

He’d bought into the lie that creativity was something that just happens.

And so, during one of our early discussions, I gave him the solution.

My recommendation was simple: Everyday, no matter what, devote 15 minutes to your most important creative project.

That’s it.

Not three hours, not 60 minutes… just 15 minutes of focused creative work.

If you can get into the habit of being creative, creativity becomes easier.

Every book that I’ve ever written was completed 15 minutes at a time.

My highest selling courses and programs were created 15 minutes at a time.

Heck, many of my 7-figure businesses started a mere 15 minutes at a time.

If you can commit to putting your butt in a chair and focusing all of your energy on your most important creative projects for only 15 minutes a day you will make more progress in the next month than you’ve made in the previous 12.

I can guarantee it.

5. Schedule the Big Rocks First

I’m about to share something that has changed my life and the lives of thousands of my clients.

You ready?

Here it goes…

This Sunday, when you sit down to plan your next week, you’re going to flip the script on the traditional work-centric planning strategies and schedule your dates nights, workouts, deep work slots, and morning routine time first. 

Before you put a single meeting, sales call, or appointment in your calendar, you are going to schedule and commit to the BIG rocks that lead to a life of fulfillment (not just a life of profit).

Then, and only then, can you schedule meetings and other tasks.

As simple as this might sound, this tactic has been a game changer for Jason and nearly every other client to whom I’ve taught it.

It’s too easy to allow those important rituals and commitments to slip through the cracks whenever clients and employees call with fires to put out, projects to complete, and new endeavors to undertake.

By putting the big rocks first and planning your business around your life (not the other way around), not only will you improve your quality of life, but you’ll actually make more money as a result.

When you have constraints on your work schedule, you’re forced to cull the activities that don’t drive profits and serve you at the highest level.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out my article on planning your perfect week here!


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