Insider Backlink Building Advice

Today we get some insider backlink building advice from Rick Porter to help your website rank higher in the Googlez.

Building Backlinks

By SEO Rambo, Rick Porter

There is a huge myth about that you need your links from relevant sites.  If everyone had to get backlinks from only their niche it would be very hard because they are mostly in competition with each other.

You can get backlinks from any site but there is a powerful formula I use to make sure those backlinks have a very high valuation.

Here is an example – let’s say the keyword is ‘bodyweight exercises’

To create a “relevant” backlink I’m really going to create a relevant page on someone elses site.  How do you do this?  Post to a blog network and follow this formula.

1) Create an article about the keyword

2) Make sure the keyword is in the Title

3) Place your 1st backlink in the first paragraph to your main domain or inner page

4) Place a 2nd link in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph linking to one of your inner pages or the main domain – whichever you didn’t do in step 3

5) Make sure the keyword is mentioned a few times in the article (1st sentence and last sentence are good)

There is a big reason why backlinks coming from an article about the keyword have more value.

You have to look at how Google actually analyzes a page and break it down to the most simple factors and make sure your keywords are in there.

So let’s say I submitted an article to a blog network called ‘Shapeshifter Bodyweight Exercises’ – there is a good chance the name of that page on the blog is going to be:


As far as Google is concerned when it looks at this blog and analyzes your link it is looking mostly at the page the link came from.

Notice the keyword in the URL?
That is how you want to write your own articles for your own websites and the same thing applies when trying to create more powerful backlinks.

That is why when submitting articles it is super important to put the keyword in the title.

How do you get blog backlinks?

1) Join a blog network or two with a good reputation

2) Get some SEO Hosting, buy domains and create a blog network

3) Get Article Marketing Robot and submit to the hundreds of WordPress article directories in the database

4) All of the above

To take it to the next level take a bunch of those high quality backlinks you just created and build a layer of links underneath those from blog comments, profile links, social bookmarking posts, and even more blogs and article directories creating a virtual mini net funneling right up to your website.

Can you build links too fast?

If you build links fast and build them often, just don’t stop building them.

If you start building at a rapid pace you need to keep building them at a rapid pace or you will risk getting put in the Google sandbox. Then after 1 or 2 months you are usually in the clear.

You’ll always be told not to build links too fast and don’t build too many, but if you aren’t you are definitely going to be beaten by people that don’t believe those myths.


Back with a great QnA on Friday…and if I get a chance, I’ll send an email tomorrow as well. Been filming a lot lately and it’s kept me away from the computer.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne