Backlink Building for SEO

Some awesome backlink building for SEO today, but first…

We’re on day 2 of an awesome 4 day Mastermind meeting here in Vegas and so far I’ve had 7 big “A-Ha” moments, literally changing client’s lives with advice from my 12 years of running a website-based business.

My 7-step done for you affiliate “media kit” alone will add tens of thousands of dollars to each member’s business this year – if not before the next meeting alone. These meetings always bring out the best in me.

Today is going to be the best day of all because we have all of our members together in the same room and guest copywriter Jason Leister stopping by.

Now while you can’t be here, we can do some QnA, including some bonus website traffic info from the elusive Nicky Parson’s at the end of today’s email.

I’m also going to answer the big question on how you find out how big it is…

Question: I am trying to start affiliate marketing, but I do not know how to start. Can someone give me some information please? Thank you. – Terrence

Answer: Terrence, I’ve written a complete post on how to create a $100K business as an affiliate here:

HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend ONLY doing affiliate marketing.

You should have your own product. It’s only about 10% more work than you’d do while trying to sell someone else’s products, and you’ll make 10x’s more money selling your own info products.

But go through that article on that link…it will help you make more money selling both your own and affiliate products.

Question: Im looking to work with affiliates but im not really sure where to start, would anyone be able to help guide me with who to work with? I looked at but they want an additional 30-40% on top of what you pay your original affiliate. Any advice would be much appreciated. – Rob

Answer: I’m not 100% sure I understand the question…so I’m guessing you need two things:

1) A mechanism to sell your product online
2) Affiliates to help sell your product

For the first part, you can sell through many services, including Clickbank (I mostly use that method), 1shoppingcart (I use 1SC for some things), InfusionSoft (we use this for Financial Independence Monthly – FIM), or Commission Junction (CJ). I have never used CJ.

The big benefit to CJ is access to an affiliate network.

Frankly, I suggest you find your own affiliates and use either Clickbank, 1SC, or InfusionSoft.

Just find other people in your niche market and start to build relationships with them. I’ve written extensively about this on and in FIM.

Question: How do you know how big people’s lists are? Do you have to just start asking and then try to work with the people who you’ve found out have around the same size list? – Stella

Answer: You ask. But first, build a relationship with the person. Help them out. Give to get.

Tell them how big your list is, identify how you can help them (maybe you can connect them to a new affiliate or do something that helps them – be creative).

Then ask them how big their list is and try to set up a promotional swap.

Do a deal.

Be a dealmaker.

If you don’t have a big list, again, find another way to add value to the relationship.

Be creative. There’s a way to make almost everything work through persistence and ingenuity.

Question: Craig – I’m hoping you can *give me guidance* on the direction I should go when selecting a domain for my sales website and for my blog/member site.

Should both my sales page AND the blog/member site try to use the hot keywords OR is a brand name important?

I have found two potential domain names with major keywords: and

(Names changed to protect his Intellectual Property).

All the words individually and in combination have MED or HIGH competition according to the Google Keyword Tool.

I don’t know what is considered high as far as number of “Global Monthly Searches” but here is a subset of these keywords:

Keyword 1 : Exact search = 27,000
Keyword 2 : Exact search = 60,500
Keyword 3 : Exact search = 60,500

Is it a better idea to go for the type of domain names I have stated above (in red) that incorporate these keywords?*


Do I come up with a different domain name that uniquely identifies my site and use this keyword info for my articles?

By unique I mean come up w/ some cool, irreverent name like or or, or, or? (You get the idea). Thanks again for everything. – Aaron

Answer: Hi Aaron, Good question (and cool irreverent names, BTW).

For a blog, go with keyword rich names. For a sales page, you can be a little edgier.

PS – Even if you don’t plan on using your name in your marketing, make sure you get the .com, .net, and .org versions of your name.

That’s valuable online real estate you’ll want to protect.

Question: What WordPress plugins do you recommend for social media sharing?

Answer from Nicky Parsons: I’m not sure, I have been testing a couple and they aren’t working very well because of the recent WordPress update.

Whatever you choose, make sure it includes Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Linkedin.

This is the one I bought last night. It’s only $10.

Haven’t test yet though but if it works like it says it should be a really good one.

And now a follow-up question from a recent QnA where Nicky Parsons, our search engine traffic guru, recently told a reader that one-way linking services were a waste of time.

Our reader followed up with…

Question: But if 1 Way Links isn’t a good way to get backlinks, then what blog network would you recommend?

Also, how do you recommend me to restore my rankings to their previous place?

Answer from Nicky Parsons: Frankly, I don’t broadcast the best sources because whenever I find something that works really well I keep it a secret.

But for your serious SEO readers, I’ll give you the two I would recommend the most:

1)  deleted……………. confidential………………..

And yes, I roll with the ******* account ($1000), but well worth it. Besides, Turbulence Treadstone pays for it.

In fact, I actually have ***************  but I collectively get my clients a lot of links from there, especially you and ‘confidential’ since you have higher budgets.

As a test, I recently gave our friend Dan “Swedish Web Mafia” West one free submission for his photography site and all his keywords shot up like crazy.

It’s powerful stuff, just very expensive and has to be used smart to get the most benefits.


Then there is this one for $200 per month. It’s a very solid network of sites.

You can actually hire Virtual Assistants for $150 a month from that site that will post to the network for you. I have three VA’s and we get a lot of links from that network.

As for getting your rankings back…

You need to get some links from every type of platform and then get them indexed.

They could get some high page rank profile backlinks done on, get .edu and .gov links. Also get a $5 job where someone posts .gov/.edu blog comments.

Then they need to get a bunch of contextual links from blogs and wordpress sites.

You can use Article Marketing Robot (a 1 time fee of $97).

Or pay someone to do a bunch of blog posts to a high PR network.

Then you have to go the extra mile and get the links indexed so that Google actually counts them, using these services:
And finally the best all around solution for cheap is:

To make sure you and any of my clients have diversity and don’t experience those nasty dips I get them links from every single platform possible.

Then when certain types of links get devalued they never lose rankings because I keep it so diversified.

The biggest mistake most SEO experts make is they find one thing that works and they stick with just that one thing.

Then they call me asking why the heck all their clients rankings have dipped and I tell them they can’t stick with just one thing.

(There’s a word we have at Treadstone for those types of ‘experts’. It’s “suckerfish”. And that ain’t a compliment.)

So like this person did, they used 1 Way Links as their primary source and when that got devalued he had nothing to fall back on for his rankings.

Next week I’m going to put together a monster post on backlinks.

Right now I rank #3 for a super-competitive keyword with a 9 month old site and this year I plan on taking #1 so I have to load that site up with some incredible content.

I got it there from incredibly high link diversity and steady linking.  Nothing magical, just a lot of everything as far as backlinks are concerned and making sure only to put high quality content on the site.

Also pushing the social signals on there I’m sure is helping and I see the company that I just squeezed out of #3 is trying to follow suit and just added the +1 and Like buttons.

The post I start creating next week will give a good synopsis of all the places to get this diversity.

Stay tuned.


Thanks Nicky. Tuned we will stay.

Time to get ready for a legendary Mastermind Day,

Craig Ballantyne

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