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Mark Morgan Ford


4 Innovation Lessons From the Founders of Instagram

By Michael Hyatt | 03/14/2017

Innovation lessons from Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who reached 600 million users in December 2016.

7-figure photos

Why 7-Figure Photos Lead to 7-Figure Sales

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/13/2017

A vital step in making your 7-figure business is taking, and marketing, your 7-figure photos, which help convey celebrity and authority.

social media motivation

Why Social Media Motivation Doesn’t Work

By Dani Woodrum | 03/13/2017

(And the old-school approach that does). While motivation will get you started, it will fail you in the long run. Instead of turning to social media quotes, develop the skill of discipline.

overcome anxiety

Overcome Anxiety in 6 Minutes

By Early To Rise | 03/10/2017

Take 6 minutes to watch this video featuring tips to help overcome anxiety and align your actions with your goals. Then get started on choosing a coach.

leave the office

Always Leave the Office on Time

By Early To Rise | 03/10/2017

I recently shared an image and comment on why I genuinely believe that we all need to practice the art of leaving the office on time. Admittedly I did not expect the nearly 250k’s worth of likes and 1,000’s of comments however I wanted to share why I genuinely believe that to achieve the high’s of both professional and personal life you absolutely need to pay attention and ‘leave the office on time’.

successful people

Successful People Have Rituals, Not Alarm Clocks

By Jahla Seppanen | 03/9/2017

For decades people have wondered whether there was one, single time when the most successful people in the world woke up. We revisit the discussion, looking instead at ritual over time.

build wealth

5 Skills to Help Anyone Build Wealth (Regardless of Career)

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/9/2017

if you want the ability to create consistent, lasting wealth, regardless of your age or circumstances, you must master at least one of these financially valuable skills.


An Introvert’s 9 Secrets to Leadership

By Brenda Savoie | 03/8/2017

A leader’s strength comes from creativity and ideas; not from social skills. But when you’re afraid to come out of your protective shell, you’re missing out on an opportunity. Introverts can be great leaders if they leverage their strengths, and cultivate some of their flaws.

sales letter

The Secret to a Convincing Sales Letter: Add a Villain

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/7/2017

Derek Wahler walks through the single most important secret that transformed his sales letters and VSL’s. The missing ingredient: adding a villain.

Public speaking

Improve Public Speaking in 6 Minutes

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/3/2017

Craig Ballantyne shares his 7 tips to harnessing more energy during public speaking and presenting; a skill every successful entrepreneur needs to develop.

must act now

Why ‘Must Act Now’ Pitches are Hurting Your Investments

By Mark Ford | 03/2/2017

Understanding the anatomy of a sale can help you avoid risky investments and the Must Act Now trigger.

The War Room

Why Every Company Needs The War Room

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/1/2017

A surefire way to manage results.