$100K in 12 Months (Part 3 – The Right Attitude)

I recently spent a day of Masterminding in Las Vegas with a young Internet success story, a guy who is just 22 years old and earning well into the mid 6-figures online. Not surprisingly, he followed a very similar approach to what I’m showing you here this week.

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He is also confident, has the right attitude about work, and aims for extreme value creation when putting together his offers.

All traits you need to incorporate during your 12 month journey to $100K.

So I thought it would be fitting to really focus on mindset today. I have a LOT of politically incorrect opinions on success, and we won’t get to all of them today, but I’ll give you enough.

But first, the winning strategies for Months 7 through 9.

1) Plan a Product Launch

You might not make a lot of money in month’s 7 through 9, but that is okay, because you’ll be working on setting up for a big money product launch in the final quarter of the year.

Here’s what you need to do to make this happen:

a) Pick a 3-day period, generally Tuesday through Thursday works best, at a time when no other major affiliate promotions are planned for your niche market. Do your best to investigate this as far in advance as possible. You may even want to plan your launch 6-9 months early.

b) Create new bonuses for your launch. You will add these to your current product (and you’ll give them to past customers for free). Make sure their is a powerful reason why you are having this promo for your prospects.

b) Massive affiliate recruitment time. Go back to all past affiliates and tell them about this new launch. Remind them to save the date.

c) Dedicate a significant amount of time to new affiliate recruitment, using the strategies I provided yesterday – such as promoting their products to your list (this will also help bring in cash while sales of your product are down).

2) Increase Value & Price of Your Product

At the same time as you are working on your promotion plans, you will also be adding value to your current product so that you can increase the retail price to $39.95 from $19.95.

NOTE: The $19.95 and $39.95 prices are “arbitrary numbers”. Your industry may differ. In the end it is up to you to determine a fair price for your product. The point of the example is to show you how to make sales immediately. One of the biggest hurdles is getting an initial and consistent set of sales, and that often happens because people charge a high price without the credibility to back it up. By charging a low price, we overcome this obstacle for the first 6 months.

If possible, add a $19.95 product as the first 1-click upsell and a $9.95 product as the second 1-click upsell.

Finally, if possible, offer a recurring revenue product. That means offering a membership site or monthly newsletter, etc.

3) Plan to Make More Money

Organization is essential as you grow your business, and you need to plan out your email and promotional schedule in advance. I like to have at least the next 3 months planned.

So sit down, create a spreadsheet or use a wall calendar, and plan out your product promotions for the next 12 weeks.

By the way, this is how your big affiliates operate, and that’s why you have to contact them well in advance of your product launch. You can’t just email them the night before and expect them to drop everything and send out an email to their list for you.

POWER EXERCISE: Brainstorm how you can make an extra $3000 per month?

I want you to do this whenever your creativity energy is at its peak.

I do this exercise 2-4 times per year because it works amazingly well.

And it’s quite simple…its just that no one ever stops to think about it. Simply ask yourself this question:

“What can I do to add another $3000 to my income this month?”

That’s it. Then write down every idea you have…from the small ones to the crazy ones.

Now of course, you don`t have to use $3000. You can use $300. But I bet that whatever number you use (within reason), you’ll find a way to create that much money.

Brainstorm the possibilities. Again, make sure you do this when you are at your most creative…not at the end of a 14-hour workday.

I guarantee you’ll uncover some gems.

4) Build Your World

At this point you should be consistent with:

– Your traffic strategy
– Affiliate recruitment
– Emailing your list
– Blog posting

Keep consistent. Keep building your daily habits. Keep working on your time and energy management. Track and test. Find what works and do more of it.

There are no magic bullets. If one existed, I’d sure as heck be able to sell it to you for more than $1995…a true magic bullet could go for $100K or more, but I don’t see anyone selling that…so let’s face it, one does not exist.

5) Develop The Right Attitude

On Sunday afternoon, while reading yet another business magazine, I stumbled across this powerful quote:

“Achievement has everything to do with creating a failure-resistant brain and thinking your way to success…you can take charge of the process…Winner’s brains actually operate differently than the average brain.” – Mark Fenske, Neuroscientist

That’s not politically correct, but the truth about success never is.

So here are 3 rules to success. They aren’t the only rules for success, but probably the most important.

Rule #1: Everyone struggles, so don’t despair. Just realize you must always maintain an attitude that you are going to succeed come “Hell or High Water”.

All of the people I know who are successful at making money online didn’t even let it occur to them that they would fail.

Failure was not an option. It’s not just a cliche, it’s true.

I knew when I started my website that I would eventually be doing online marketing full-time. I allowed my mind no other option.

The most successful people I know are “all in”, as they say in poker.

And they never, ever, EVER give up.

Rule #2 – You must have extreme self-confidence. It attracts others to help you and it attracts success. On the other hand, people who are timid always seem to struggle. This is politically incorrect, but true.

As Dan Kennedy says, “You must have a sense of superiority”.

If you don’t truly believe that your product is the BEST – and superior to all others – then it will show in everything you do, from writing sales copy to attracting affiliates.

So if you don’t believe that, go back and work on your product until that is fixed.

Rule #3 – You must be ruthless with your time. This means continuing to eliminate the minutia from your life, and working only on the big projects that move you closer to your goals. Remember to always ask yourself, “Where is the profit in this work?”. Improve your time and energy management everyday. Fight that email. Fight against checking Facebook…and fight to get more work done in less time.

You must also develop “immunity to criticism”.

Listen, at some point someone on the internet is going to call you names because they don’t like the fact you are making money with your knowledge. Too bad. You can’t let that bother you – you have too much work to do.

Now this doesn’t mean ignoring valid customer feedback on your product, you want to pay attention to that. Never ignore your clients.

But personal attacks from people who don’t know you must be ignored. It’s not easy at first, but if you turn off the internet and go for a walk, you’ll realize that what a stranger says about you doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are creating value for your clients.

Let those rules sink in. Print them out and keep them by your computer as you keep working.

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Get ready to top $100K tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne

“Never, ever, EVER give up.”