Are You Marketing With Just One Channel?

Some business owners and marketers think that one channel of marketing (maybe direct mail, TV ads, or joint ventures) is all they need.

“I just have a little retail store. I’m not a big company,” they say. Or, “I reach my customers with the Yellow Pages just fine.”

But as Michael Masterson and MaryEllen Tribby reveal in Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business, any business can multiply its profits by using a multi-channel marketing strategy to reach their customers.

For example, the owner of Michael Masterson’s local cigar shop, Cigar Connoisseur, is already using joint ventures, event marketing, TV and radio advertising, print ads, and direct mail. Joe’s coordinated, multi-channel approach has increased the number of customers that come to his shop, the frequency of their purchases, and the amount they spend during each visit.

Joe is doing very well. But Michael thinks he could do even better, and has suggested testing telemarketing and e-mail marketing, as well as search engine optimization for the Cigar Connoisseur website and pay-per-click ads. If Joe takes Michael’s advice and tests these additional channels, he will surely find at least one more that will work to his market.

You, too, could amp your sales by reaching out to your customers via multiple channels. Keep in mind that not every marketing channel works for every business. That’s where testing and tracking comes in. If one channel isn’t generating enough sales to justify the time and money spent on it, forget about it… and move on to the next channel.

[Ed. Note: A comprehensive marketing plan is only one part of your business’s overall sales and marketing efforts. You can find dozens of techniques and strategies in Michael Masterson and MaryEllen Tribby’s bestselling book, Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business.]

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