Another Way to $100K

I’m back in Toronto after a full weekend of business meetings down at the new Aria Hotel in Vegas, and I’m more excited than ever to work on helping you with your Internet Indepedence.

Now you can ignore everything I said last week about making $100K online

…IF you are a very, very patient person. If that sounds like you, you’re about to discover another guaranteed – but “different” – way of making $100K in 12 months.

Here’s the Alternative Method, and it’s very simple.

(Not easy, but simple.)

Step #1 – Commit to Writing a Daily Email (Monday through Friday)

This is not easy, but if you are passionate about your expertise, you’ll be able to do it.

But expertise alone is not enough. You also need to build your daily email (and blog) based on a MISSION and a MOVEMENT.

This is what I’m doing with

The Mission is to help 1000 people create financial freedom and independence through their own internet businesses in 2011.

The Movement is to show people that the American Dream is NOT dead. It HAS changed, but it is still attainable, thanks to the Internet.

And so the Mission and Movement drive each communication. They are the reason I give away so much information here. And both are used to attract the right people, even if it means attracting fewer people, as I’ll explain in a second.

So can you create a daily communication for your niche market?

Can you identify a powerful movement and mission so that not only will your clients get results, but they will also band together to take on the world?

This isn’t something you’ll be able to do in 10 minutes, no matter how much caffeine you consume. It’s something that will be built up from your expertise over the years, PLUS your personal and even political philosophies and beliefs about life.

It’s requires a deep understanding of WHO you are and WHAT you stand for. But once known, these factors will help you create a Mission and Movement more powerful than ANYTHING in your industry.

Step #2 – Provide Extreme Value & Create Extreme Trust

Even though I’ve been writing online email newsletters since 1999, I was completely overwhelmed by your response to these daily emails.

While I have no products to sell right now, each day I receive requests for me to write a “how to book” on internet marketing, or to do 1-on-1 consulting, and even to start new Mastermind groups.

Unfortunately, none of those products are available right now.

And you can easily have the same number of prospects contacting you each day, simply by giving away valuable content each day. You’ll rapidly develop trust and a powerful relationship with your readers.

Plus, word of mouth will spread rapidly among your prospects that there is an expert (i.e. YOU) giving away extremely valuable content online without any sales pitch at all.

It will be a welcome relief to all the hyped-up sales pitches that you’re prospects hear everyday.

“Finally,” they’ll say, “there is someone looking out for MY best interests…not just to make a quick buck.”

As a result, your list will grow faster than anything you’ve ever tried in the past, from Google to Facebook to whatever “sneaky system” the gurus are trying to sell you today.

And believe me, they’re trying to sell you something that is the new and improved latest and greatest method. I get the same emails that you do.

But in contrast to their hit-you-with-a-new-sale-each-day approach, you’ll succeed simply by being “THE expert” who gives AMAZING content and asks for nothing in return. That’s unheard of today.

So become that person, and you’ll turn your industry on its head.

Step #3 – Create the “Blog Post of a Lifetime”

Ah yes, a key ingredient. And I’ll take you through EXACTLY what I mean tomorrow. This was something we perfected on the weekend at my meetings – this will be the cornerstone of your Mission & Movement.

Full details tomorrow.

Step #4 – Accept You Will Make NO Revenue for 11 Months

This is the hardest part of all. Much harder than committing to the daily content. But it is just as important.

You’re number one goal for the first 11 months of this approach is to build extreme value on your site and extreme trust from your readers. That’s it.

No sales of your own. No affiliate promotions.

Nothing but content. Nothing but connection.

And as your reputation grows, every day you’ll get approached by more and more readers asking, even BEGGING for you to sell them something. Plus of course, you’ll be stalked by every one of your competitors demanding that you promote their product as an affiliate.

But just say “No”. It’s not yet time.

Step #5 – Your “NO-Hype” Product Launch

Your second priority during the first 11 months will be to identify the most amazing product or membership site that you can.

Plus, as the 11 months go by, you’ll start hinting that you’re working on something, such as a “Complete Blueprint for Solving Your Reader’s Problems”, or a membership site devoted to the same.

Essentially, I’ve described an 11-Month product launch.

When you finally are ready, in month 12, you’ll open up the doors to your thankful prospects.

But it won’t be a “hype-y” in-your-face product launch.

Instead, you’ll simply be able to say that you’ve finally put together something so valuable, and something that is not possible to deliver solely through your daily emails, that you’re opening it up to your prospects in thanks for their support for the past year.

It might be a live event. It could be a membership site. It might be a home-study course. But it won’t be just another e-book. It can’t be something that you could deliver on your blog.

It has to be a NEXT-LEVEL product.

Because it can’t be a quick-buck, “me-too”, generic offer. Not after you’ve spent the past 11 months building that relationship and earning their trust. You can NEVER throw that away.

And just realize this…and this might be the most important factor in making this system work…

You can NEVER, EVER do anything that will break their trust in you.

If you use this method, you can never promote an affiliate product that doesn’t perfectly fit your Movement and Mission.

You can never create a product just for a quick buck.

You can never “trade favors”.

Because if you do, you risk sacrificing everything.

On the other hand, if you remain devoted to your Movement and Mission, and helping your prospects get results for free for 11 months, before offering your NEXT-LEVEL product, you can have a bigger, better, more “recession-resistant” business than you could from any other internet marketing method.

The choice is yours.

NOTE: I’ve arbitrarily used a 12 month plan for this. You can likely accomplish the same goal in 6 months if you have enough lead generation sources in place.

Alternatively, this may take beginners, who lack visibility, up to 18 months to generate the buzz and list large enough to support a $100K launch.

But you can do it. Anyone can, if they are committed to this approach.

So consider this alternative. Compare and contrast the approach I outlined last week with the one I’ve shown you today.

Do your skills align better with this or with last week?

Are impatient like me? If so, you will be better off trying to make sales every month than trying to last 11 months without revenue.

But both work. I guarantee it.

Another way to $100K,

Craig Ballantyne

“Caring equals victory.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

  • This method worked well for Simon Black @ . Great, free content 5 days/week for ~1.5 years. Then, he and his team created a premium membership site that signed up ~1000 members @ around $300/year in the first couple months or so.
    You do the math.

    Really honest, fantastic content. Really. You eliminate many of the unknown expectations of the business model. I too have spent time and money in pursuit of this type of insight but the value just doesn’t compare to this. So, it looks like you’ll be launching the “Secret Super Simple Strategic Underground Extreme Tactics Turbo American Dream Profits Assassin Blueprint Method System 101!” in about a year’s time. I’ll work on the upsell for that! In all honesty, I do look forward to more of your great content and what ever else you are scheming.

    I too have begun to offer all free content on my website . I write and perform funny (I think) songs that make fun of the human race and, especially, the collectivist system you cite as such a hindrance to the American Dream – WARNING: Not for the politically correct. I am generating exposure by writing a song, poem, jingle, or anything for a lucky fan who wins the little contest I have going on right now. It’s fun.

    In the meantime, I am working on satisfying the more practical and less patient side of my personality by creating value as outlined in your previous posts. BTW, I too hail from north of the 49th. If you are ever in the Seattle area, it would be great to meet up… we can then hammer out my punch list for that “upsell” 😉

  • Kev

    Craig I loving this new venture of yours and am getting a lot of value and motivation out of reading it.

    I have recently been re-reading John Steinbecks “Of Mice and Men”.

    One of the primary themes of that novel is the American Dream (That anyone can become rich and own their own land) yet Steinbeck exposes the reality of American life at the time (racism, exploitation of the migrant worker) and the reality that very few attained this life and for many they never really stood a chance to get it.

    As someone who has been trying to make money online for a few years now I have found it interesting to draw comparisons between when the book was written and the times we live in now…

    It seems like the new American Dream is not to have your own land to work on that to support yourself and your family, it seems the new dream is to make as much money as possible doing as little as you possibly can and living offshore with an online business that can make you money no matter where you are.

    So many people are chasing this dream but like in Steinbecks novel… Do many of them really stand a chance of living that dream?

    In the novel it was the land owners who could exploit the worker with poor wages and very few rights. Now it’s the Guru’s peddling the latest trick, tactic, software or, as you rightly said, Magic Bullet who have control over the vast majority of the people seeking this dream.

    I think what you are trying to hear is be honest and give people the truth of how to make online marketing work and break the cycle of jumping on everything the gurus put out there.

    So I hope you keep going with this blog and I am looking forward to reading your future posts is basically all I wanted to say! 🙂

    All the best,


  • Yves


    Your blog is AWESOME! Love reading your post every morning. A huge dose of inspiration to attack the day.

    I have small concern about your other way to 100K$… By providing free value for almost a year, isn’t it dangerous to build a following that is used to free information and once your start wanting to charge money they’ll simply dispapear and move to the next free giving guru… Or maybe it’s all in the way to introduce your paid product to them (my lack of experience here… I’m not there yet…). What do you think?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

    Keep it up man. Great blog! Great mission!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously I don’t agree, otherwise I would not have said it was a good idea.


  • Excellent post Craig! You’ve really put a lot out there thus far and I am very appreciative for it. I like how you emphasize content and how you really push to eliminate “salesy” approaches to Internet Marketing. That stands out tremendously in this blog and as a regular reader I can say that it is surely the best approach. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hi Craig,

    Great post! I really appreciate all of the knowledge that you’re sharing.

    So, regarding this article, is this the approach that you yourself are applying with Internet Independence? (Kind of the way Brian Clark over at Copyblogger teaches – this is what works, this is how you do it, and this is what I’m doing to you right now…?)

    Thanks and have a great day!