An Instant (and Overlooked) Income Producer

Here’s a profitable idea that you should immediately put into action. If you don’t, hold a mirror up to your face to see if you fog it. The technique? After every single transaction on your website (i.e., opt-in, registration, or purchase), you should be controlling where your customer goes next.

The concept is extremely simple. Yet, most of the time, overlooked. I see so many people missing out on this golden opportunity for additional profit. And you could be missing out too.

For instance, what does your thank-you page say? If your website is like most of them out there, a customer orders a product and then gets a thank-you page that merely says “Thank you for your order. It will be shipped out soon.”

Dumb… da… dumb… dumb… DUMB!

Where’s that customer going to go now? I doubt that it’s back to another part of your site where they can spend more money with you. The thing is, your customers could (and will) spend more money with you if you give them the opportunity.

What about after someone opts in to one of your e-mail lists – maybe a priority notification list? Your thank-you page probably says “Thank you. Please look for _____ in your e-mail inbox shortly.”

Dumb… da… dumb… dumb… DUMB!

Another opportunity lost. Hopefully, you’ve got my drift by now. There are dozens of tiny “profit leverage” points on your website. And taking advantage of them is one of the easiest ways to turn any transaction into more cash.

Just so you understand how many places you can use this technique, here are a few examples…

Thank-You Page After an Order

If a customer just whipped out his credit card, he is far more likely to spend again if you give him an opportunity and an incentive. I know it seems to go against common sense, but the old-school direct-marketing formula of RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) holds true.

Your “hotline” names are the people who’ve most recently made a purchase from you. And on the thank-you page, you’ve got those people at their hottest point.

So, on the thank-you page for my Public Domain Goldmine product, I offer a discount on another product. The customer has already spent $497, and now he’s got a $200 discount for a related product. It only takes a few paragraphs to persuade 10.5 percent of my Public Domain Goldmine customers to buy an additional $497 course.

Okay. That’s well and good for a physical product – but what if you have a digital product? Not a problem. I’ve done thank-you page offers for digital products two different ways – with pop-ups and on the page where they download the product itself.

A word of caution: If you make an offer on the download page, be sure to make the link to the offer open up in its own new window. You don’t want customer service issues with people not being able to get to the product they ordered.

What if you don’t have another product to sell? Again, no problem…

Thank-You Page for Affiliate Products

Your thank-you page could easily be used for affiliate offers. My buddy, John Reese, has a five-page thank-you that explains his story and then recommends my 33 Days to Online Profits product and Derek Gehl’s course. (Yes, I said five pages!)

And here are two more…

Thank-You Page After Opt-In

An overlooked spot for an additional offer is the opt-in confirmation/ page. Almost every e-mail autoresponder company allows you to specify what the confirmation page will say. So once a visitor opts in to receive your e-letter or other information, you can have her directed to a thank-you page. And that’s where you make another offer.

This works incredibly well for any type of Priority Notification or “Early Bird” list, where the page asks people to sign up to be first in line for the upcoming launch of a new product or service.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

Thank-You Page After Registration

This is one of my favorite Underground secrets, and something I’ve heretofore revealed only at my $5,000 per person “Info Marketing Player’s Workshop”: You can do a big push for a free event or product – such as a teleseminar or e-book – and then make the offer.

There’s no reason to squander this opportunity by, for example, just putting the call-in number for your teleseminar on the thank-you page after people sign up. Whenever I’ve offered a free teleseminar to my readers, I’ve put an offer for a free trial to my Secret Society newsletter right there on the thank-you page. It has been a big success!

Go back through each of your sites to see where you have overlooked profit opportunities on the thank-you pages, opt-in pages, and registration pages. I promise this one idea could drastically improve your sales.

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