An Income-Doubling Secret of the Wealthy

Wealthy people have a secret that makes it easy for them to dramatically increase their income. You instinctively know this secret… and are probably even using it without realizing it.

What is it? Leverage.

When people order in pizza for dinner, they are leveraging the resources of a local pizza place – its staff and food, as well as its delivery service. When parents with young kids enjoy an evening out, they are leveraging the time of a babysitter. When a businessman hops into a taxi, he is leveraging the driving skills of the cabbie.

Here’s how you can leverage other people’s resources, time, and skills to increase your success in business:

  • Think of the work you do. Then think of ways that others already support you in getting that work done. Does your secretary help you get to meetings on time? Does a colleague with a flair for math help you balance your expense account at the end of the month? Is there more that these people could do to help you?
  • Think of tasks you do that you are not particularly good at – perhaps PowerPoint presentations or writing memos. Can these tasks be done by others?
  • Find a way to get help with just one task from just one person. Maybe ask your company’s graphic designer to help you beautify your product presentation… or forward your next memo to a staff writer for some editing and polish.

Start with one way to leverage someone else’s help. Measure your success. Celebrate your success.

Then find one more way… then another… and then another.

That’s what I do. That’s what every successful person does. Now, you are doing it too!

[Ed. Note: A well-known international speaker, Raymond Aaron is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul. Get two free chapters of his latest book – Double Your Income Doing What You Love – at

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