An Important Marketing Lesson From a Hot Dog Stand

While in Chicago few weeks ago, I stumbled across a marketing lesson in the strangest of places: the Wiener’s Circle in Lincoln Park.

Wiener’s Circle is a hot dog stand that’s normal during the day but gets wild at night. It’s utter chaos. The gals behind the counter harass and crack jokes at their customers’ expense. Give it to them, and they’ll give it right back five times as hard. I couldn’t stop laughing. If you don’t know what to expect, you’ll be shocked by what you hear. (Look them up on or for the scoop.)

The BIG marketing lesson, here, is about creating a truly unique experience for your customers. Do so, and you’ll inspire word-of-mouth about your business that will attract people from far and wide.

There are hundreds of hot dog stands in Chicago, but several people told me that I had to check out this one. Yes, the hot dogs at Wiener’s Circle are good – but not better than some others I’ve had. But the craziness… now that’s worth the trip.

What are you doing to get people talking about your business?

[Ed. Note: As master Internet marketer Yanik Silver ( says, giving your customers a unique experience can really get the buzz going about what you have to offer. Word-of-mouth isn’t the only way to get people excited about your business.]

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