3 Tips from An American Dream Success Story

On Saturday morning at 6am I wandered downstairs to the gift shop in the Hard Rock Hotel to buy a bottle of water and some almonds. At this time the casino was still going strong, and oddly enough, the jewelry store just off the hotel lobby was open, and someone was buying a watch.

Good ol’ Vegas.

Hours later, at 9am, while most people were still probably “sleeping off”
the night before, I gave a presentation to 75 fitness experts.

The title of my presentation was:

“Copywriting Blows, Affiliates Suck, and Other Politically Incorrect Truths About Making Money Online”

I spent a lot of time walking through “what worked” for one of our Mastermind clients, Mike Whitfield, who has gone from 0 to 400 sales of his product in just 5 weeks. His site is www.WorkoutFinishers.com

That’s one of the fastest starts among my coaching clients.

Here are three reasons for Mike’s success:

1) He created a low priced, irresistible offer, no-brainer product.

2) He created a product that was a perfect match for the established readership of many other fitness products. He saw a GAP in the marketplace and created a product that was complimentary to many other businesses.

This has made it easy for Mike to convince affiliates to promote his ebook.

3) Mike is a fast action taker and great coaching client. Whatever I suggest to Mike, he implements it within hours.

So that’s how you do it right.

On the other hand, many folks struggle and there are many reasons why, including these 3 I described on Saturday morning.

1) Too many folks create the wrong product that no one wants. You need to identify a gap in the marketplace and create a product that solves your customers problems. In addition, you can’t be like everyone else…you need to be remarkable.

2) A lot of folks who struggle do so because they take forever to finish their products and get them to market. As a result, no matter how good the product is, they never having anything to sell.

So get it done. Do what Mike Whitfield did and get up at 4:30am if you have to, that’s what he did because he had a full-time job and a little baby boy.

Mike’s an action taker and nothing was going to stop him…not even early mornings working at his kitchen table.

3) Not strategically searching for affiliates. As a friend of mine, Pat Beith once said, “You only run out of affiliates when you stop looking.”

However, most folks never really look that hard in the first place. But as I told the audience on Saturday morning, there are many, many undiscovered affiliates and websites out there who will promote your product if you can give them a good enough reason.

I promoted Mike because his product was a perfect fit. He made it easy for me to recommend it to my readers.

Find websites that are a perfect fit for your product, and you’ll have success in finding affiliates.

More details about Vegas coming soon,

Craig Ballantyne

Get outside help wherever appropriate. Delegate the small tasks and get the best counsel you can for important matters. Surround yourself with folks smarter than you.