Top 5 Excuses that You’re Falling For

There are hundreds of different reasons why people make excuses when trying to follow a diet.. According to a 2014 national poll of 1,000 women, there were 5 common challenges that make it tough to eat healthy (these all apply to men as well).

I’d like to share the top 5 excuses and offer a simple solution so you can finally reach your fat loss goal before the warm weather hits.

*the percentage you see (i.e. 57%) is the number of women who used this excuse when taking the poll*

Fresh market fruits and vegetables

Healthy foods are more expensive (57%) – Yes, it’s true that healthy food is often times more expensive. However, there are some simple solutions that solve this problem. Some of the most nutritious foods are among the cheapest in terms of nutritional bang for your buck. Think fiber rich grains like quinoa, antioxidant packed cabbage and tomato sauce (read labels). If meat makes up the biggest chunk of your food budget, plan a few weekly meals around cheap protein sources such as beans, eggs, skinless chicken thighs and canned salmon/tuna. Buy fresh produce in season to save money or head to the freezer section and get frozen produce – it’s just as healthy as fresh and it’s much cheaper.

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Social settings present too many temptations (47%) – You have to live a little. There’s nothing wrong with splurging in moderation. If you are going to a party, pick and choose what’s most important to you. I always tell my clients to pick their poison. Perhaps you have a drink or a couple of hors d’oeuvres before dinner and skip the bread and dessert. If you “mess up” and end up eating too much, count your losses and let it go. Get right back on track the next day and forget that it ever happened.

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Life is too sort – I want to enjoy what I eat (39%) – You are right! Life is way too short. That’s why you don’t need to eat “perfectly” all the time. You should be able to enjoy what you want guilt free. The trick though is portion control. As long as the majority of your diet is made up of healthy stuff like fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein, dairy (in some cases), you can reserve about 10% of your daily calories from food that don’t fit into that category. A good rule of thumb is to build in a 150-200 calorie treat every day. Britt and I usually have a small treat in the evening after our big dinner.



It’s hard to find healthy options when eating out (33%) – The best advice to overcome this excuse is to go online and research the menu to find healthy dishes before you walk into the restaurant. Almost every restaurant chain now posts nutrition information so that you’ll know what choices are the best to choose. If the menu is not online, go with grilled fish or chicken. Pick baked potatoes over French fries. Always ask for dressing and sauces on the side. Bottom line – the more prepared you are the better chance you have to staying on track.



I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals (29%) – You should know my rule of thumb by now – look for recipes with five or less ingredients. Choose things that you can mix and match such as rotisserie chicken, tomato sauces and cups up veggies. Britt and I love making stir fry with lean beef and veggies because it’s quick and super duper easy. What’s that you say; you don’t like to cook? Try something different like making breakfast for dinner by scrambling eggs with broccoli or spinach and serve it with a bowl of oatmeal and fruit.

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We all have excuses and tough challenges that we must face on a daily basis. You have two choices – to succumb to the excuses or overcome them with a solution. I hope you now are better prepared to overcome these common excuses.

You can do it – we believe in you!

-Daniel Woodrum

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