3 Ways To Tighten Sagging Skin Naturally

Woman examining complexion

Ugh. The Big 4-0. That’s when it all starts going downhill.

The signs of aging start creeping in.

…Wrinkles around your face making you look tired and droopy… Crow’s feet making you look years older than you are…Turkey wattle making you look fat and chubby.

These unfortunate changes to our appearance are the result of sagging skin.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If your doctor tells you that sagging skin is just a natural part of getting older, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

You CAN get your youthful glow back and you can do it without expensive creams, face-lifts or invasive procedures.

Here are 3 natural methods that will help you look years younger and regain your youthful glow.

And  who doesn’t want to look younger?

Who doesn’t want to be able to wear a sleeveless shirt and unveil a pair of tight, toned arms?

Who doesn’t want to be able to smile and not have to worry about the wrinkles around their eyes?

Who doesn’t want to have people asking them how they stay looking so young?!

Is This Really Possible?

In a word, YES!

Our skin sags is because as we get older, it loses collagen and elastin, which makes up our connective tissue. This causes our skin to stretch and loosen, which results in stretching and sagging.

This loss of elasticity can be attributed to several factors. Among them: sun exposure, which damages skin’s collagen, weakening facial muscles as we get older, and poor diet and lifestyle choices.

The good news is, you can reverse these effects.

And you can reverse them with 100% natural methods: no needles, no creams, and no doctors!

That brings us to all-natural, skin-tightening method #1

Method 1: Massage Your Sagging Skin

Regular massages are a very effective way to tighten saggy skin. Massage increases the skin’s elasticity because of something called the “compression effect.” The compression effect tightens your unused muscles, which in turn tightens your skin.

To maximize the compression effect, it’s best not to use massage oil. When your hands are slippery, you can’t connect with the muscles as effectively.

Instead, do a dry massage, or if you must use an oil, use a thicker one that doesn’t make your skin slippery. This way, you will tighten the skin as much as possible.

Method #2: Use Aloe Vera

What can’t Aloe vera be used for?!

Aloe vera is another great natural remedy for tightening  loose, sagging skin, thanks to a chemical called malic acid. Aloe vera’s malic acid is a natural moisturizer that improves the elasticity of your skin. Follow these steps:

  1. Take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one teaspoon each of mayonnaise and honey.
  2. Apply this cocktail to areas of sagging skin and leave for 15 minutes.
  3. To remove the mixture, use warm water and then splash with cold water to finish it off.

After this, your sagging skin will feel “exercised” and tightened.

Method #3: The No Needle, All-Natural “Youth Injection”

Step 3 is the fastest and easiest method of all. We call it a “youth injection.” However, it doesn’t have any needles and is fast, easy, painless, and even FUN.

It’s called a youth injection because of the effect it has on your hormones. Each time you complete the “youth injection exercise,” a cascade of revitalizing, youth-injecting hormones are released into your body.

In just 6 minutes, natural hormones will begin surging through your body, tightening your sagging skin.

Learn how to perform a “youth injection” here.