Add This Habit to Your Day


In yesterday’s article, I shared my 1-2-3 Goal-Setting Formula with you. Hopefully, you’ve already had a chance to dig in and start mapping out your own path to 2018 success.

But listen, planning and preparation doesn’t stop there.

I want to take this one step deeper; let me set the stage by sharing a story.

I read an amazing book over 15 years ago that changed my life. It was called “Eat That Frog,” written by Brian Tracy, a legend in the field of personal development.

Now you might be wondering, what does eating a frog have to do with goal setting?

Don’t worry—Brian isn’t actually suggesting that you eat a frog.

What he means is that you should start your work day focusing on doing the hardest task of the day first.

Too many people avoid this and they end up in perverse forms of procrastination—hours of meditation, gratitude journaling, yoga, and watching motivational videos on YouTube. This makes them think they are sticking to some type of amazing morning routine, when most of it is unnecessary.

If you want to be successful, you really need to attack the hardest things first.

I’ve worked on this very thing for years.

Every morning, seven days a week, my alarm goes off at 3:59 a.m.

I get up without hitting snooze, and get to work on my number-one priority.

Most days, it’s writing 1,500 words for my newsletters, video scripts, or next book.

On Sundays, it’s a long meditation session.

“Eating that frog” is one of the important habits in my life, and one you should take up as well—if you aren’t already doing it.

Accountability is key and I can never, ever abandon it. Neither should you.

This circles back to the 1-2-3 Goal-Setting Formula I shared with you previously.

Because, you see, having goals is good. Having a 90-day deadline is great. But it’s still something that feels far enough away that you can let procrastination take hold today.

So what’s the solution?

Eating that frog.

When I work with clients, we don’t stop at setting three process goals for 90 days. We dig deeper and go to the next level.

I demand they come up with one big action step to take in the next 24 hours that will move them ahead to their 90-day outcome goal.

So stop and ask yourself right now:

What is the most important action you can take in the next 24 hours to move you ahead in life and help you accomplish your 90-day goal?

What’s the frog you need to eat?

I don’t care if you need to get some ketchup, Sriracha, chimichurri, or truffle oil to get it down. Just get out there and eat that frog!

It doesn’t stop there, though—there’s more you need to do.

You still need to connect the action steps for each day so you hit your 90-day deadline.

So ask yourself this: What big action step can you take to get results and move ahead in the next 72 hours? The next seven days? Two weeks? Month?

Yes, I know this gets a little repetitive—but that’s okay! Some steps for success need to be repeated. (Hint: Having them on your calendar is a surefire way to make them happen.)

There’s just one last icing-on-the-cake success secret that you absolutely need. It’s found in the second pillar of success from my book, “The Perfect Day Formula.”

Earlier, I mentioned that a deadline can have the biggest initial impact on your success. But it’s accountability that keeps it going.

After all, you can have all the greatest advice in the world, but if you don’t have accountability, you’ll fall off the wagon.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Everything that you want to learn is readily available—most of it online. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or learn to build a phone app. It’s all there.

So why aren’t more people successful?

They don’t have a solid system of accountability. For years, I have benefitted from the wisdom, advice, and accountability of a professional coach. These are the people who have helped me to become a better coach, a better writer, and a better sales person—all while transforming millions of lives.

Accountability is key and I can never, ever abandon it. Neither should you.

If coaching is good enough for Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Usain Bolt, Venus Williams, and Sara Blakely, then it’s good enough for us, too.

So listen, there’s no excuse for not achieving your goals this year. You now have the tools you need—my 1-2-3 Goal-Setting Formula, “Eat the Frog” empowerment, and the smarts to set up some serious accountability.

If you need more guidance, or want to explore the possibilities of taking your life to the next level, visit today and fill in your application to connect with me about a coaching opportunity. I can’t wait to work with you on your biggest goals and dreams, setting you up for unlimited success.

It starts today.

Craig Ballantyne

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