A Technique To Keep Your Business Honest

“He that promises too much means nothing.” – Thomas Fuller, M.D. (Gnomologia, 1732)

An airtight guarantee for your business will help keep you honest.

It will help you examine your product, find ways to make it faster, stronger, better, more reliable. Your customers will learn to love you more quickly … and come back to you more readily even after something goes wrong with their buying experience.

Your customers will also give you heaps of word-of-mouth advertising that you just couldn’t beg, borrow, or steal from anywhere else.

With a fortified guarantee, there’s a powerful chance you’ll increase sales results — without increasing costs. That’s not to mention the edge it will give you over your most direct competition …

I know … that’s a pretty tall order. How can one small block of guarantee copy accomplish so much? Below, you’ll find some secrets for writing strong guarantees for direct mail packages. I think you’ll find these techniques apply no matter what kind of business you are in.

For instance, here are two valuable insights from colleague David Garfinkel

First, he recommends, make sure you’ve explained the guarantee clearly, completely, and with all the facts available. Clarity is important no matter what segment of your pitch we’re talking about. But especially so here, where the guarantee actually forms a crucial part of the offer.

Second, David recommends, don’t be afraid to “dramatize” it. You can find David’s example of a well-dramatized guarantee at www.mastercopywriters.com/guarantee.htm.

But before you zip off to check it out, let’s try creating one of our own here…

I tend to write a lot for financial newsletters. So let’s assume that’s what we’re writing for. Here’s how you might go about writing a simple, factual rather average guarantee:

“If you’re not completely satisfied, just drop me a line within the first 90 days. I’ll rush you a full refund. Every penny back.

All the free reports and issues you’ve received are yours to keep. I hope that sounds fair.”

Truth be told, that’s not awful. In fact, it’s about as far as most guarantees go.

But now try an advanced version, with dramatization …

“I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. Read the 6 reports I’ll send you. Study your first three issues. Log onto my private web archive as often as you like. See if you don’t find my picks easier to follow and safer than anything you’ll get from your broker.

“That’s not all.

“If you can’t find at least 5 ideas there that you’re absolutely convinced will double or even triple your investment returns, then I’m not doing my job. And if that’s the case, I’ll urge you to call this number (1-800-555-XXXX) and ask for a full refund.

“Call within the first 90 days and I’ll rush you a full refund. Every penny back … etc., etc.”

Why dramatize?

I hope you can see how, when you give the customer specific ways to measure the benefits, you’re doing much more than just promising to give money back to unhappy customers. By getting into those actionable specifics, you’re actually melting away defenses.

But suppose you’re selling a product that doesn’t come with a guarantee? I suggest that you create one. Make it strong. Make it long. Make it detailed. The exercise alone is worth it.