A New Way to Get Your ETR Fix

The ETR offices have been buzzing for the past few weeks…

One of Michael Masterson’s core prohibitions has been turned right on its head!

As our regular readers know, Michael loathes TV. It’s a waste of time. It numbs your brain. And it creates an action-inhibiting lethargy that is murder on your goals.

Nonetheless, according to a Nielsen Company survey, the average American watches about 151 hours of TV per month.

And now, ETR wants you to watch more TV!

Okay, okay. There is a little catch…

We don’t want you to indiscriminately turn on the boob tube…

What we want you to do is tune in once a week to ETR’s brand-new feature: ETR TV.

We figure, if you’re going to watch television anyway, why not profit from it at the same time?

You see, ETR TV isn’t like normal television. In each segment, we’ll aim to give you at least one piece of useful advice or cutting-edge information that you can use immediately to improve your health, your mind, or your financial future.

ETR TV will bring you expert advice on breakthrough marketing techniques from MaryEllen Tribby… proven business-building strategies from Michael Masterson… techniques for writing strong sales copy from Charlie Byrne… steps for increasing your website traffic from Edwin Huertas… and more.

We’ve got some edgy debates coming up that could change the way you think about business. Our experts will respond to some of our most-asked reader questions. You’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at some of ETR’s most powerful marketing and business-building techniques. And we’ve even got a few “roving reporters” who plan to bring you behind-the-scenes action from ETR conferences.

ETR TV is a new way to get useful advice from the experts you trust… and get your TV fix at the same time.

Our first episode airs in a few weeks. Keep reading ETR to learn the details.

[Ed. Note: Help make ETR TV the best TV show on the Net! Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover right here.

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